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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 1
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thin, Crisp Crackers
book And Tv Series __ Little Liars
times __, Us Popular Intersection
ship’s Steering Mechanism
irony Understood By The Audience Only
teenager Shot In Head For Going To School
humans Have Five, Including Touch And Taste
ignatius Of __, Spanish Priest Founded The Jesuits
metal Compound Used As A Diamond Substitute
speed __ Is Solving Rubik’s Cubes Really Fast
the __ Tuna Can Grow To 400 Lbs
compos __, Of Sound Mind, Sane
colored Wax Stick For Drawing

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 2
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radically Curved Persian Sword
__ Pankhurst, Suffragette Matriarch
pete Fountain’s Instrument
devil’s __; Supporter Of Unpopular Opinion
french Brandy Made From Apples
wording Of Nobel Prize: Physiology Or __
joshua __, President Of The Royal Academy Of Arts
santa Maria __, Basilica On Rome’s Esquiline Hill
east Asian Mushroom
person Who Betrayed Jesus: Judas __
true Heir Of The Iron Throne In Game Of Thrones
a Dish Designed To Hold A Cleansing Bar
woman In Norse Mythology Linked To Deaths In Battle
type Of Medicine Used To Establish Cause Of Death
the Curious Case Of __ Button, Film With Brad Pitt
hst: Harmonized __
upper Case Letters On A Keyboard
estadio Gigante De __, Rosario, Argentina

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 3
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html: __ Markup Language
seafarer Made Three Attempts On The N-w Passage
offense Scheme In Football, Emphasis On The Pass
disciple Of Jesus, Also Identified As Batholomew
1830s Boer Exodus From Cape Colony
giuseppe __, Italian Director Of Cinema Paradiso
greek Cycladic Volcanic Island Also Known As Thira
common Name For Digitalis Flower Spears
it Means “snails” In French
one Who Makes Alcoholic Drinks For Money
usual Way A Person Lives

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 4
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it Holds The Archer’s Arrows
__ Prynne, She Wore A Scarlet Letter
lake Venue For 1980 Winter Olympics In The Us
direction In Which Muslims Face To Pray
__ Sandberg, Facebook Ceo
late 1800 Us Age Of Social Inequality
__ Horde, Batu Khan’s 13th-century Mongol Khanate
substance Containing Lead, Gasoline, Glass
the Mark Of Zorro Swashbuckler Actor, __ Power
palm Tree Fiber Used For Weaving Baskets And Mats
“i’m Just A Living __ To The Leader Of The Band”
antiquated Term For A Farmer Owning His Own Land
ordinary, Unceremonious
danny __ Played Louie De Palma In Taxi
tissue That Bulges Through A Body Cavity Wall
diamond Plaids
ships Of The Desert, With Humps
__ Sore, Painful, Mouth Ulcers

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 5
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each Issues These Plates For Your Car
a Person Who Repairs Or Rents Nautical Vessels
tortilla Folded Around A Filling
__ Ceausescu, Leader Executed On Christmas Day
division Of Content Within A Book
nationality Of The Music Producer Known As Zedd
the Three Caballeros Is A Disney __ Buddy Film
hotel Rating At Lower End Of Scale
kerchief, Napkin Made Of Cloth
traditional Candelabra For The Holiday Of Chanukah
queen Of France Who Married The King Of England