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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 1
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to Stagger, Wobble; To Sway
actress And Singer From 1950s Named Marylin
chinese Communist Revolutionary, Chairman Mao
this Traveler Called Gulliver Has A First Name
frequent Soap Opera Advertiser Procter And __
__ Moray Eels Are The Largest In Their Species
historically, Indigenous People Of South Asia
very Well Known By Everyone
longest River In The European Union
organ Where Humans Develop

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 2
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scholarly, Relating To Studying
japanese Celebration Of Plants On 4 May
white Bird, Yellow Or Orange Crown, Very Outgoing
any Form Of Pleasure Is A Sin To Them
maradona, Pelé, Beckham, Ronaldo
being Emotionally Dependent On Someone
worldwide Known Boxer Movie Star
the Mapping Partner Of Longitude
basic Cocktail Of Rum Citrus Juice And Sugar
bratislava Is The Capital Of __
table Tennis

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 3
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very Small Pieces
group Of Assets, Stocks, Bonds Or Cash
dark Green Nutty Legume From French Volcanic Soil
ardency, Fervency, Emotion
person Who Cares For Your Animal When You’re Away
british Ocean Liner Sunk In World War I
claudia __, Beautiful Italian Actress From 1950s
dolby Co-invented This Film/sound Recording Method
ejections Of Molten Rock From A Volcano
time Following The Middle Of The Day
quilted Trouser With Shoulder Straps, For Skiers
there Is No Artistry Or Ideals In This Statement
equestrian Footwear
virginia __ Play Football At Scott Stadium
thick Smooth Tissue At The End Of Bones
hit Song By Tina Turner
they Power Your Devices
period Before A Mother Gives Birth
the State Of Having Lost The Esteem Of Others

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 4
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paul __, Us Actor, Won Oscar For The Color Of Money
grammar Says It Can Be Restrictive Or Not
extreme Fear
sword Blocker
performed In Beauty Salons And Spas
skimmed Milk, Bacterium Probiotic Dairy Drink
you Can Have Many Up Your Sleeve
oblast, City And River In South-west Russia
country Singer __ Yearwood
thigh Supported Hi-tech Device
french Resistance Leader; Paris Airport, De __
prize Fighters

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 5
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the Opposite Of Vituperation
marksman, Sniper, Gunner
this Ninja Turtle Doesn’t Paint In The Renaissance
betty __, Author Of Feminine Mystique
fermented Beverage
you Need One To Insert Your Door Opener
the Last __, British-italian Epic Film About Puyi
muslim Military-political Leader Of The Crusades
yellow Part Of Shelled Food
enzootic Means Endemic To __
swedish Astronomer Invented Centigrade Thermometer