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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 1
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back __, Fireplace, Hot Water Heater Combo
muslim Dynasty, Ruled In The Levant 1127-1250
not Solid Or Gas
the Mountain Lion
open-top Pie With Savory Custard And Cheese
__ Red Sox Play At Fenway Park
this 80’s Band Doesn’t Kill Anyone
to Delay Temporarily
blue Flowers Painted By Van Gogh
spoken In Kenya And Tanzania
one Of An Ancient East Germanic Tribe

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 2
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shrubby Mint, Grayish-green Needle-like Leaves
an Area Rich In Fuel Deposits
skate__ Involves Riding And Tricks
pope Francis’ Predecessor, __ Xvi
it Doesn’t Hurt
the Blue Ridge Coral Is The Only One That Forms A __
viscount __, British Statesman And Agriculturalist
it Means “estate” Or “farm” In Spanish
no. 1 Element On The Periodic Table
north America’s Largest Movie Theatre Operators
advocate For Women’s Rights And Associated Movement
john Iii __, Polish General And Hero Of The 17th C
greeks Chiseled The Leaf Of This Plant In Stone

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 3
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one Who Relies On Another For Support
predator Fish With A Long Body And Tons Of Teeth
location Of First Olympics To Use Electric Timers
ancient Times
syntactically, Not The Subject
sea Separates Mainland Asia From Japan
tv Show About A Remote Hotel, __ Junction
a Square Dance For Four Couples
norman Invasion In 1066, William The __
turned To Stone
inventor Of The Liquid-crystal Display (lcd)
to Depreciate
belgian/german Yellow Cheese Shaped Like A Brick

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 4
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uranus Moon Named After The King Of The Fairies
piña __, Cocktail Of Rum, Coconut, Pineapple
scotland’s Patron Saint
supported, Sponsored
capital Of The Spanish Principality Of Asturias
keeps You Warm In The Winter
short Kickoff Designed To Get The Ball Back
meryl __, Out Of Africa’s Star
headwear Of The Sikhs
tears Rolling Down The Cheeks; Balling
wu __, Only Woman To Lead A Chinese Dynasty

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 5
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multicolor Natural Beauty
jan __, Flemish Painter From The 15th C
strauss Was Known For Composing These
maori People Are Native To New __
condition That Lasts Three Or More Months
jim Crow Law, Pay To Vote
detailing, Itemizing, Numbering
indian Sauce Ranges From Tomato To Mango
snake, Reptile
money __, 2016 Us Film With George Clooney
greek Posited A Geocentric Theory Of The Universe
line For Holding A Tent Steady
paul __ Cruises From Tahiti Are Named After Artist
used Before Forks
favorite Social Media Site Of Current Us President