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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 1
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upset And Disappointed
capital Of Greece
__ Grounds, Host Of Limerick Hurling, Football
evil Goblin Who Kills Travelers In Border Folklore
internal Parts Of The Body
blue-spotted __fish Is Long And Very Thin
black __, Dark Cake With German Origins
style Of Hot Yoga
never Ask A __ If You Need A Haircut
japanese Crossword With Numbers Instead Of Letters
iraqi Birthplace Of Saddam Hussein And Saladin
patrick __, Dirty Dancing’s Star
it Means “fifth” In Spanish
sea Separating Italy And Greece
layer Between The Earth’s Crust And Outer Core
raft Of The __, Géricault Portrait Of A Shipwreck

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 2
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the Guns Of __, Peck Part Of Allied Commando Team
cuban Cocktail Of Rum, Lime And Sugar Syrup
estadio __, Valencia Stadium Hosted 82 Wc Matches
hair Or Paper Cutter
huge, Colossal
the French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sarah __
football Player That Receives Kickoffs
to Practice A Performance
tall, African Animals With Extra Long Neck
first Man To Go On Both North And South Poles
punta Is The Main Music Of This Country
uk Monarch With The 2nd Longest Reign
manhattan’s Art-deco Famous Building
alaskan Islands Hit By Earthquake In 2014
delicate Facial Hairs That Add Expression
small-sized Newspapers
moralist Who Rejected The Idea Of Original Sin
flying Military Branch
three Plus Ten Plus One
christian Festival Celebrated On January 6
blind Greek Prophet Who Took Male And Female Forms

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 3
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river Running Through Amsterdam And A Beer Brand
perfumed Oil Or Wax To Smooth Or Sculpt Hair
riddle, Mystery
arctic Explorer Who Created Refugee “passports”
__ Kutcher Plays Michael Kelso In That 70’s Show
school Of __, Raphael’s Fresco Of Philosophers
angela __, Germany’s First Woman Chancellor
johannes __, German Composer Of Lullabies
i Beg To
parts Of A Bicycle Where You Put Your Feet
__ Eaton, Record-breaking Us Decathlete

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 4
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timon’s Species That Stand On Two Legs
pierce __, Four-time James Bond’s Star
preparing Or Making Food
layered Pasta
4th Biggest Indian River Important For Irrigation
__ Fascia, Band Of Tissue On Underside Of Foot
to Betray One’s Country, Benedict Arnold
charlotte __ Play At Time Warner Cable Arena
someone Who Regards Another Person With Wonder; Fan
pants, Jeans, Skirts
patrice __, South African Mining Magnate
germanic Tribe “damaged” Gaul, Spain And Rome
locomotives And Train Tracks
they Don’t Bite When They Find Search Results

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 5
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italian Red Wine Made From Nebbiolo Grapes
cookers Patented By James Sharp In 1826
intentional Road Obstruction
us Actor Who Played Batman
marilyn Monroe’s First Husband, James __
bad Pollution Killed Thousands In London In 1952
community Supported Agriculture, Output Portion
person Who Digs For Precious Metal
unable To Get Up And About
card Game With The Aim Of Outdoing Other Players
to Understand The Meaning Of Something
frothy Underskirt Goes Under A Dress
society Where More Than One Religion Is Recognized
meandering, Atmospheric Air Current
natural Magnet, Early Navigation Mineral
to Temporarily Have A Joint Out Of Position
military Home By The Water