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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 1
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section, Division; Private Or Public
food Cured With Fire Fumes
ww2 Chaff Dropped By British Planes
egyptian President Nationalized The Suez Canal
person Paid To Kill People
fashion Designer Coco __
impenetrable Tangled Mass Of Tropical Vegetation
crop Failure In Ireland Causing The Great Famine
the Porcelain Object Duchamp Titled “fountain”
philadelphia 76ers Play At The Wells Fargo __
found In The Middle Of Pigs’ Faces
place That Means “naples” In Italian
a Gun Needs At Least One
wolfgang Van __, Wrote Faust

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 2
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covered With Small Pieces Of Sparkly Material
capital Of American Samoa
gelling, Thickening Agent Derived From Seaweed
anything Pertaining To The Temple Area Of The Head
john __ Sought The Nw Passage Aboard Erebus
sea Devil
the Last __, Michelangelo’s Fresco In The Vatican
soldier’s Dining Room
in Poetry A Five Line Stanza
__ Scale, Used To Measure Wind Speed
original Female Coach Of The Voice
opening Through Which Light Enters A Camera
cyclist’s Route

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 3
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handel Opera And Mother Of Nero
winter Underwear
science Of Putting People To Death
deep, Glass-fronted Display Frame
domestic Animals, Such As Goats, Pigs And Sheep
type Of Chemical That Kills Mites
artificial Sweetener That Splenda Contains
basketball Big Man Won With Lakers And Heat
medical Expert In Joints And Muscles
greek Goddess Of Love And Wife Of Hephaestus
phrase Actors Use For Good Luck
protector Of The Stars
state Of Slavery Or Work Imposed As Punishment
carbonated Water; Soda
la __, Italian Film By Federico Fellini
othello’s Love

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 4
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martin, Last German To Be World No 1 Golfer
tv Comedy About The Pritchetts, __ Family
general __, Died During The Defense Of Khartoum
latin Cocktail Of Lime And Mint
world __ Day Supports Action To Combat The Disease
the Clones Are Made On Planet __ In Star Wars
guru __ Sahib, Sikh Holy Book
narinder __, Indian Inventor Of Fiber Optics
a Primary Color
syntactic Constituent, Single Grammatical Function
__ L’oeil, Optical Illusion Art Style
beethoven’s First Name
brother Trapped In Confectionery House
contusion; Abrasion, Scratch

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 5
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ripped, Separated, Divided, Sundered
1999 In Roman Numerals
nancy Boyd Is Her Pen Name: Edna St __ Millay
country Where Us Casablanca Film Is Located
shaking Caused By Cold Or A Horror Movie
pre-historic, Hairy Elephant-like Creature
porky Pig’s Girlfriend
spanish Ex No. 1 Tennis Ace, __ Sanchez Vicario
short Rail Track Diverts Trains Off The Main Line
the Sort Of Pot That Never Boils
rummy Card Game With Two Sets Of Cards
roman Army Formation Resembling A Tortoise
japanese Winter Squash
artist Of Pictures