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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 1
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great __, Split In The Catholic Church
the Nutcracker, Swan Lake
trademark Name For Fluoxetine
a Double Espresso Coffee
they Propel Dolphins
in Between Front And Rear, Equal Distance
single Flight Leg With No Return Ticket
crockery For Breakfast Food From Hens
poet Of Ancient Rome
__ Series, Research Into Hydrogen Atoms
deep Blue-violet Color; A Plant Used To Make Dye
climb This To Go Higher
berber Sword Of The Kabyles Of Algeria
sport In Which Ilie Nastaste Gained Fame
beaded Counting Device Invented In Ancient Sumeria
__ Rays, High Energy Radiation From Space
title Character Of Scott Fitzgerald’s Masterpiece
gland That Secretes Hormones During Puberty

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 2
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profession Of Caring For The Teeth
al Pacino
toy Car Maker
wild Horned Ibex Living In Germany’s Alps
crinkled Pasta Shape Resembles Household Heaters
char Fish Aka Dolly Varden, Found In Nw
whirling Art Movement With Bold Geometric Lines
ruthless, Fierce
system Of Equitable Prices Paid To Producers
used In Organic Farming, Synonym Of Nitratine
__ Passage, Shipping Route Passing Arctic Russia

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 3
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__ Smith, Voice Of Lisa Simpson
__ Santa Justa, Lift In Lisbon Inspired By Eiffel
nationality Of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly
how Nuclear Blasts Are Measured
tiny Organisms First Observed By Van Leeuwenhoek
when A Storm Comes Ashore From Over The Sea
mindanao’s Preferred Sword In The Philippines
painter Who Practiced Tachisme, Jean __
between 13 And 19 Years Old
basketball Play With Both Feet Off The Ground
name By Which The Czech Language Was Known
us Frontier Period In The 19th Century
action Planned Or Taken To Achieve A Desired Result
cucumber-looking Vegetable Related To Pumpkins

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 4
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__ Gallery, Criminals’ Photo Mugshots For Iding
former Name For Iran
justus Von __, Chemist, Fertilizer Specialist
to Lead An Uninteristing Life
goose Egg Is A Score Of Zero In __
considered The Father Of Computation
chin__, Pet Rodent A Bit Like A Squirrel
righteous Person In Judaism, Biblical Figures
princess Diana
__ Duchamp, French Sculptor
male Parent
scientific Study Of Plants And Plant Life
__ Bean, Red Legume
knob Or Disk Secured To An Article Of Clothing

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 5
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first Satellite That Russia Launched Into Space
__ Ducks Play Hockey At The Honda Center
sour Liquid Used To Flavor Or Preserve Food
organ That Holds Urine From The Kidneys
buddhist Head, “king Of Victorious Ones”
profit From Labor, Investment Or Business
indian Invention After 500 Ad Aka Spinning Wheel
it Means “plátanos” In Spanish
doctor __ Is The Most Powerful Sorcerer
long-handled Stewing Or Frying Pan
__ Rex Cats Only Have Down Hair, Not Fur