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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 1
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cosa __, The Sicilian Mafia
the Title Of Wilhelm Ii, German Monarch In Wwi
type Of Felt Pen, Often Permanent
__ Stars Play At The American Airlines Center
king Leonidas In The 300, Actor __ Butler
aka Groundnut, Good For Making A Butter
protective Domed Cover For Plants
hairline Bone Fracture From Repetitive Movement
deadly Whale
visible Ring Of Light Around The Moon
roger __, Victorian Photographer Of The Crimea

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 2
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the __, Tv Show About A Ship Cruise And Its Crew
__ May, German Actress, Emmi In Fear Eats The Soul
original Brickbreaker Game
persian Thinker, Philosopher Of Islam Golden Age
discipline Of Forces Producing Or Changing Motion
woman Who “got Married” In Coppola’s Film
medium-sized Bird With Blue Plumage
another Name For Linseed
in Tennis, Only One Point Is Needed To Win The Set
formal Exposition, Dissertation
norwegian Explorer, The First To The South Pole
spicy Condiment
les __ Dangereuses, Novel On Revolutionary France
william Herschel’s Sister And Discoverer Of Comets
french Inventor Of The Frameless Parachute

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 3
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in Mountaineering, Descending On Fixed Ropes
puppet State Created By Japan In Manchuria
italian Volcano Bread Filled With Cheese And Herbs
early Italian Rulers Who Lost Control To Romans
sandra Bullock Football Oscar Movie
a Woman’s Work Is __
someone Who Speaks Out On Behalf Of A Cause
to Die From Being Unable To Breathe
italian Term For Singing Style In Music
doctor Who Advocated Euthanasia, Jack __
personal Driver
real Or Perceived Oscillation Of A Moon/satellite
an Underlying Layer

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 4
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spicy Napa Cabbage Dish, A Korean Cuisine Staple
item Dropped Into The Water To Hold A Boat In Place
torch With Extremely Flammable Gas
cia Assassin Played By Matt Damon
guardian Of Qur’an, Madrasah Teachers
unassuming First Name Of Mussorgsky
surname Of Doogie Played By Neil Patrick Harris
fifth __, A Secret And Subversive Group In Wartime
northernmost Scandinavian Country
half Robotic, Lesser Known Hero Of Justice League
greek City-state Depicted In The Film 300
__ Head Snake: Venomous Snake With Copper Coloring
first Brand To Develop A Smartwatch

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 5
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small, Round Shield
psychiatrists And Psychotherapists
born In The Most Populated Country In The World
tokay Geckos Are One Of The __ Geckos
bruce, The Shark, From Jaws And __ Nemo
love Makes The World __
georgian Sauce Made From Sour Cherry Plums
founding Father Reference Refers To Signature
to Be Cautious When Doing Something
the Act Of Going Without Food, Esp. In Religions
figure Skating Move Named After Swedish Skater
ready To Give Up His Kingdom For A Horse, __ Iii
table, Chairs For Informal Dining
small, Curved Mounting For Ancient Japanese Sword
economic Excess
japanese Art Of Paper Folding
african Wooden Xylophone
george Played Hannibal Smith In The A Team
entertainment Company For Online Streaming
swiss Inventor Of Velcro, George De __