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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 1
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fashionably French
extra Jobs Done Without Extra Pay In Circus
earless Artist Sold Just One Work During Lifetime
what Little Miss Muffet Sat On
__ Pike Is Also Called Yellowfin Pike
central Swiss Canton With Large Lake
hua __, Mao’s Communist Party Vice-chairman
getting To __, From Rodgers’ The King And I
ancient City, Center Of Hellenistic Judaism
something Divided Into Four Pieces, 3/__
fruit That Looks Like A Very Small Orange
cheap Ticket Carrier, Us’ Fifth Largest
smoking This May Be Hazardous To Your Health
__-snouted, Endangered African Crocodile Species
lightweight Silk Twill Fabric With Print

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 2
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type Of Rose Has The Appearance Of A Pruned Tree
low-cost Air Carrier Out Of Denver
ceases, Concludes, Ends, Closes
larisa __, Russian Gymnast With 19 Olympic Medals
modern Toilets Developed By Sir John Harington
rain Protector
coin-operated Communication
range With Europe’s Highest Mountain, Mt Elbrus
approximately 2.2 Pounds
opening Night Of A Show
latin Phrase Meaning The Common People
east African Lake Named After British Monarch

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 3
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part Of The Day When Soaps Are Usually Broadcast
the __, 1964 Oscar Winner, Cartoon Panther
german “city Railway” Tramway System
leisurely Walking
yellow Citrus Fruits Come From A __
unique Male In A Group
german Pioneer Of The Printing Press
painter’s Device For Steadying The Hand
office Of The Cantor In Judaism
swindler, Deceiver; __ Spider Anansi In Mythology
french Cardinal, Louis Xiii’s Chief Minister

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 4
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system Of Seats And Tow Bars Used In Mountains
__ Heffelfinger, The 1st Pro Football Player
used To Give A Licorice-like Flavoring
overly Concerned With His Or Her Own Needs
natural Body Substance That Influences Growth
hanna __ German Pilot Of Ww2
to Refuse, Reject
egyptian God Of Healing; Architect Of Step Pyramid
father Of English Literature, Canterbury Tales
the Little Girl In The Wizard Of Oz
sheets, Blankets, Pillows

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 5
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comedian Dave __
dead Body, Cadaver
twenty Minus Nine Plus One
the Best-known Ancient Oracle Was Found Here
people Like This Are Very Successful
type Of Garden Populated With Blooms
__ Nadal, Spanish Tennis Ace
juan __, Former King Of Spain, Franco’s Successor
brave New World
french Variety Of “fire Wine”; Cognac
gone To A Specific Direction Or Place
truman __, Us Writer Of Cold Blood
roman God Whose Name Is Linked To Sleepwalking