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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 1
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oil Spill From North Sea Oil Well In 1977
german-speaking Swiss Canton On Lake Constance
ovenproof Dish With Fluted Sides For Crème Brûlée
gladiator Actor With A Beautiful Mind
small, Short-handled Ax
reverend Who Gave His Name To Verbal Transposition
hard-paste White Porcelain From Near Dresden
birth Country Of Beethoven
stomping Grounds Of Fc Barcelona
room Separator
eskimos Live In Igloos, Algonquins In __
games Of Tiles Of “bones”
to Ask For Something
legendary Creature In West Virginia
nation That Was Once The Hapsburg Empire
the Sound Of Nothing
person Whose Job Is To Care For People’s Teeth

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 2
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pan __, Once The World’s Largest Airline
bugle Call To Wake You Up
phrase Meaning Water, Biblical Origin
everyone Should Have A Kit Like This One
in Warfare, Someone Who Has Changed Allegiance
ole __, Invented The Outboard Motor
__ Acid, Crystals Found In Wine
sent By God To Aid Umma, Revives Every Century
one Hundred Times Ten
to Spend Lavishly
working Class Sitcom
the Name The Turks Gave Constantinople
to Secure With A Hammer
items In A Container; Topics In A Book
more Than Arguing

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 3
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__ Empire, Dynasty Centered On Modern-day Germany
metal Finders Of Hidden Treasures
rising Prices
speaking Alone, As In A Speech In A Play
eastern Roman Emperor Formed A Roman Legal Code
prepared In Advance Or Precooked, E.g. Potatoes
food Stablizer From African Tree Sap
tampa Bay __ Plays Hockey At Amalie Arena
krai And City In Western Russia, On Kuban River
queen Of The Amazons
__ Meyer, Twilight Author’s First Name
how Fast Your Ticker Is Beating
microsoft Operating System That Preceded Vista
fleas, Lice And Tapeworms Are All __
physicist, Proponent Of The Steady State Theory

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 4
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inventor Of The First Electric Razor: Jacob __
powdery Sticks Used On Blackboard Or In Art
__ Of The Field, Poitier Won Historic Oscar
large Enclosure For Birds
html: Hypertext __ Language
los __, Site Of The Ww2 Manhattan Project
johannes, Who Composed A Famous Lullaby
italian Term For A Defending Footballer, A Sweeper
he Flew Too Close To The Sun
carnival Doughnut From Central Europe
humped Animals That Cross The Sahara
became Publicly Known
ship Carrying Oil
city In Western Germany, In Ruhr Industrial Area
french Military Honor, The Croix De __

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 5
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breathing Disease Eased By An Inhaler
first President Of Zambia, Kenneth __
dress Worn To Evening Parties Or Special Events
any Baked Dish Topped With Cheese/breadcrumbs
to Connect Two Things Together For Use
small, Savory Fruits Also Used To Make Oil
central American Country With Famous Canal
cute, Good Looking
old Golf Club, Equivalent To A 4 Or 5 Iron
indigo Has Players Collect __ From The Board
mother __, Albanian-indian Nun
milan Newspaper Once Edited By Mussolini
styx Ferryman Of The Greek Underworld
bipedal Primate Mammal, Homo Sapiens
it May Cause Stupor