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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 1
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playground Game Aka Octopus Tag
to Constrict Or Squeeze Someone’s Neck
chip And Dale
tall Towers That Form Part Of Mosque Architecture
side-to-side-dog Command
18th Century Naval Sword
thin Metal Cord Carrying Electricity
they Build Tunnels Underwater
artic Footwear Looks Like Tennis Raquet
red Fruits Used In Salads
__ Crossing The Alps, David’s Famous Emperor Art
science Of Ultimate Nature Of Values
party Cruise Line With More Than 100 Vessels
second Longest Ruling Soviet Leader

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 2
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founder Of Electromagnetic Theory
doesn’t Need Water
looking With Special Attention
brine Or Vinegar Solution To Preserve Foods
equipment For Glacier Climbers
the Greek God Of Sleep
the Name Of Hitler’s German Shepherd Dog
__ Spring, Expression For Someone Ready To React
idaho Famous For This Type Of Potato
capital Of Cayman Islands, __ Town
crocodile __, 80s Comedy Set In Australia

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 3
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spiked Tool Breaks Up The Surface Of A Lawn
romantic Opera By Richard Wagner
terra __, Latin For Land That Remains Undiscovered
item Required To Some Types Of Jobs
to Refine, Render Noble
absorbent Clay Used In Kitty Litter
love Interest In The Hunchback Of Notre-dame
warfare Strategy Of Wearing Down Opponents
cacao Treat Once Used As Currency
to Renovate, Freshen Up
__ And Meatballs, Americanized Pasta Dish
french Actor In Cyrano De Bergerac And Asterix
second Us President
spiritual Leader No. 14, Won Nobel Peace Prize
information Vault
charged Particles From The Upper Layer Of The Sun

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 4
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man King Of The Jungle
in Truth, Emphasis, Confirmation, Reality
sugar, Milk, Brandy And An Ovum At Christmas
orchestral Wind Instruments Held To The Side
it Gives Pleasure To The Senses, Mind Or Spirit
line Of Equal Pressure On A Weather Map
portions Of A Company Divided Among People
henri __, Founder Of The Red Cross
table-tennis Bat
the Blinding Of __, Rembrandt Painting
old, Superseded Software Or Hardware
describes Fiber That Makes Linen, And Blonde Hair
in Cold Blood Author
greek God Of Vegetation And Rebirth
james __ Shared Nobel Prize With Crick And Wilkins

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 5
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tom Hanks War Movie, Saving __ Ryan
lacking Creative Skill
small Adjustments Were Made
end-of-the-year Italian Sweet Bread
from Right To Left Around The Clock
mongol Leader __ Khan
no Man Is __ With His Lot
agile, Goat-like Antelope, Known For Its Leather
ancient Quest To Turn Base Metals Into Gold
members Of The Primordial Race Of Giants
not Specific
the __ Worker, Movie About Helen Keller
nat King Cole, For One
italian Jockey With More Than 500 Wins, Frankie __