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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 1
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amusing, Soppy Love Movie Adored By The Ladies
nut That’s A Seed And Same Genus As Peach
skiing Event Over A Series Of Hard Mounds
official Currency Of Haiti
hungarian Sweet White Wine From Aszú Grapes
pvp Means Player Vs __
just One Look Will Turn You Into Stone
louisa May __, Wrote Little Women
social __, His Job Is To Improve Communities
investment From Overseas

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 2
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feminist Magazine Founded By Rosie Boycott Et Al
noble Gas, 3rd Most Popular In Atmosphere
hat Designer
cnn Reporter __ Cooper
wireless, Unplugged
beethoven’s Disability
flash Memory Gadget
boggy Wetland Area
two Pieces Of Bread With Whatever You Want Inside
religious Vessels And Vestments Are Kept In Here
agile Tree-dwelling Rodent With A Bushy Tail
raymond __, French President Throughout Wwi
flight Recorder On Planes That Is Actually Orange
stores Your Merlot, Chardonney
boer General And Twice Pm Of South Africa
a Type Of Surgery To Remove Wrinkles
cheap Italian Bubbly Served In Lieu Of Champagne

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 3
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major Canadian Wildfire Of 1825
__ Fawcett, Suffragist Leader And Campaigner
where Trash Is Stored And Covered With Dirt; Dumps
instrument For Predicting Weather Changes
nine Letter One Word Synonym For Or Else
famous Gladiator
rubbery Circular Air Chamber
having To Do With Taste Or Flavor
waterproof Canvas Fabric For Tents
us Swimmer, Multiple Gold Medallist
falling Prices
shakespeare’s Tragedy In Which Imogen Appears
scientist Who Studies Living Things

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 4
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middle Eastern Food Spread Made From Chickpeas
america’s “last Frontier”
italian Island, Origins Of Mafia
it Is Too Hard To Be Used Or Eaten Now
__ Brain Coral Can Grow Up To Five Meters
thomas __, Author Of Le Morte D’arthur
skates Invented By Belgian Joseph Merlin
to Decorate
britain’s Longest River Flows Through Ironbridge
sport For Which Martina Hingis Is Famous
rickety Old Car From A Bygone Era
school Of Thought Developed By Chinese Chairman

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 5
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adolf __, Founder Of Sportswear Brand Adidas
samba Singer Famous For Fruit Basket On Head
this Genre Rarely Presents Real Facts
event __, Theoretical Boundary Around A Black Hole
las Vegas Strip Rapid Transport Option
paper Is Gone
manchurian People Who Founded China’s Jin Dynasty
ancient Egyptian Construction
fish With Greenish Black Lateral Line, Us And Uk
soft Hail Or Snow Pellets
unique Six-limbed Legendary Creatures
known As A Musician, Poet In Greek Mythology
glutinous, Translucent Protein
currency In Use In Argentina From 1985 To 1991
yet Undeveloped Beings