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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 1
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this Person Can’t Drop Balls, Swords Or Flames
traveling In A Boat With The Aid Of The Wind
science Dealing With Rocks And Earth
to Move Forward
the Movie 20,000 __ Under The Sea Is From 1954
vincent __, Artist Rumored To Have Cut Ear Off
mythical Irish Specter Portending Death
site Of Major Chinese Earthquake Of 1920
type Of Lettuce, Patch Where Kid’s Dolls Are Born
a Light Gun Fired From The Shoulder
see-through Paper Used For Drawing Copies
__ Bulls Play At The United Center
__ Rostova, Central Character Of War And Peace
wrongly Taking Property For Personal Gain
80’s Portable Cd Player By Sony
indian Grass Root Used In Men’s Perfumery
hot Desert Wind From North Africa

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 2
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ability To Go Somewhere, Use Something
joined Pair Of Afro-cuban Drums Hit With Hands
a Lion’s __ Is Like Its Fingerprint
cross Between A Donut And A Croissant
single-room Apartment Or Flat; Efficiency
french Presidential Palace
magnate, Mogul
__ Train, Speedy Japanese Mode Of Transport
__ Goolagong, Top Aussie Tennis Player In The 70’s
julia Child Brought __ Cuisine To Americans

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 3
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wwi Battle, Ignoble Italian Defeat
science Of Sacred Matters
last Supper
to Underline, Emphasize, Remark
comedian, Tv Host, Jeff __
horizontal Movement Of Ocean Currents
area Of Asia Including Laos, Vietnam And Cambodia
french Term For Potato Ball With Meat Or Fish
us Presidential Retreat
test Of Speed Against The Clock
voucher For Readers
close Encounters Of The __, Ufo Film
active Early In The Morning
buoyancy Structure Attached To Side Of Boat

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 4
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lost __ Began As A Board Game Before An Xbox One
the Pride Of The Yankees, Lou __
__ Conquest, Battle Of Hastings In 1066
center Of A Galaxy
to Determine An Outcome, Choose One Thing
“he’s A Diamond __”
annoying Pop-up
__ And Her Sisters, Allen, Thanksgiving Dinner
to Make Something Firm
the Highest Point Of A Mountain
demand’s Better Half
it Means Races When Plural
__ Smith, Charlie’s Angel Kelly
spend These In Algeria, Tunisia Or Kuwait
bulb That Vampires Hate
ancient Battle Glove, Sometimes Had Spikes
mono__, Black And White Photo Or Picture

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 5
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military Home Of Operations
rock Band Named After An Aldous Huxley’s Book
believer In The Teaching Of Siddhārtha Gautama
italian Doughnut Made With Fruit Peels
first Commercial __ Generator Was Invented In 1873
groovy Oil And Wax Pink Light To Cleanse The Air
two Runners Cross The Line At The Same Time
answer To A Problem
former French President With Dutch-sounding Name
city Where Franz Ferdinand Was Assassinated
san Francisco To Santa Clara Commuter Line
sleeveless Undergarment For Women
artificial Structure Shooting Jets Of Water