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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 1
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troy __, Quaterback, Played Alongside Irvin, Smith
the Persistence Of __, Dali’s “melted” Work
controversy In Bertolucci’s Last Tango In Paris
__ Best, Greatest Player From Northern Ireland
cottonwick Has A Black Line Under Its __ Fin
it Means “cake” In German
quark Flavor, With Symbol B, Also Known As Beauty
not The Headquarters
former Name Of Tuvalu Island In Polynesia
uproar, Disturbance
__haydn, German Composer Of London Symphonies
eugene __, The Last Astronaut To Walk On The Moon
she Was Awakened By A Kiss; Sleeping __
adds A Circle At The Intersection Of A Latin Cross
color Of The Sun And Daffodils
coveted Crystal From Venice

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 2
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fela Kuti Made This Musical Genre Famous
any Imaginary Semicircle On The Earth’s Surface
japanese Naval Commander Of Pearl Harbor Attack
term For The Hammer, Anvil And Stirrup In The Ear
__ Of Ávila, Canonized In The 16th-century
storage Compartment On A Car’s Dashboard
royal __, Leopards South African Stadium
not Done By Chance Or Accident
a Defective, Disappointing Motorcar
person Who Informs The News
process Of Sewing Layers Of Fabric Together
a Tall Slender Glass For Drinking Beer

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 3
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mostly Ridden By Children
to Copy Edit
immensely, Supremely, Exceedingly
machine Or Person Who Gathers Crops
black And White 1973 Us Film, Ryan And Tatum O’neal
avenida Da __, Lisbon’s Main Thoroughfare
peach Variety With Smooth Skin
son Of Parsifal In Germanic Legend
the Red One Carries Oxygen
leaders Of Jewish Rebel Army In Judea
largest Of The World’s Crocodile Species
kids Are Out Of The House
large Vibration In Mechanical Or Electrical System
phil __ Is An American Pro Golfer From San Diego
identical Twins Whose Bodies Connected In Utero
strength And Toughness
world-famous Us Brand Of Denim Trouser
another Name For Whooping Cough

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 4
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roman Titan Of Wealth, Brother Of Jupiter
__ Christi, Lonestar City, “body Of Christ”
__ Coffee, Adorned With Irish Whiskey And Cream
italian Inventor, One Of The Pioneers Of Telephony
production Of Quality Prints With Ink-jet Printer
family Of Insects That Feeds On Plants
__ Pacific, Hong Kong’s Largest Airline
__ De Winter, French Spy Of The Three Musketeers
the Currency Of The Nobel Prize
an Edge Or Boundary Of A Surface, Land
castrated Male
sea Abuts Athens And Izmir Named After King Aegeus
martial Arts Form Where A Black Belt Is Tops
arabic Noble Title Meaning Stength
step-by-step Instructions For Cooking Or Baking
ear Part Sometimes Pierced
the __ Book, Story About A Boy Raised By Animals
a Hole In The Tooth

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 5
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ron Weasley Is Most Afraid Of These
nomads Of The Middle Eastern Deserts
she Who Opened The Box Full Of Evils Of The World
national Martial Art Sport Of The Philippines
scapegoat, Someone To Take The Rap
inner Parts
crawfish Or Shrimp Over Rice, Cajun Style
__ Of The Caribbean, Jack Sparrow’s Fantasy
wooden Framework For Growing Climbers And Roses Up
canadian Skater Punk
tv, Concert And Software
boris __, First Elected President Of Russia
digital Currency Designed By Satoshi Nakamoto
payment For Public Transport On The Road