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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 1
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floating Fishing Device
eggs Benedict With Salmon Instead Of Ham
man With A __, Braque’s Musical Painting
fear __, Joe Rogan Hosted Extreme Game Show
sinbad, __ Of The Seven Seas
canton In Central Switzerland With The Linth River
eine __nachtmusik, “little Sweet Serenade”, Mozart
thick But Not Fat
__ Knife, Ring Like Weapon Found In Africa
roman Philosophical Writer, Orator And Senator
printed Work In Installments

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 2
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world’s Most Popular Language From China
three Children Born At The Same Time
an Ankh Is An Ancient __ Good Luck Charm
this Cartoon Ursus May Not Know Downward Dog
don’t Rain On __, From Gershwin’s Funny Girl
pottery Coated And Decorated With Liquid Clay
surviving Host Of American Idol’s First Season
un General __
french Director Of L’atalante Who Died At 29
in Hindu, The Renunciation Stage
__ Cricket Association Stadium Jamtha
dermabrasion Is A __ Procedure On The Skin
quayside Structures For Securing Boats
wooden Fence Preserver
a Big Maritime Potence Of The 16th Century
horse Whose Ancestry Is Clearly Documented
it Can Be Done
joseph Marie _, Inventor Of The Programmable Loom
simone De __, French Existentialist Writer
antigorite, Green Stone Used By The Maori
abandoned Or Deserted Place

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 3
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a __ Measures Hardness Of Minerals
british Novelist, Creator Of Gremlins
antique Paper For Documents
a Bomb Is An __ Device
formal Name For Veterinary Surgery
sao __, Large Brazilian River, “velho Chico”
planting Pot For Ledges And Sills
dandruff Shampoo, Head And __
great Indian Cricket Player, Sachin __
“moorish” Cocktail Popular In Southern France

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 4
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edith __, Drafted Us Social Security Act Of 1935
beer Plus Soda Popular In Western Europe
80’s Hair Metal Band, __ Crue
discover Existence Of Something
sleeveless Shirt Or Dress Tied At The Neck
roquefort, Gorgonzola, Port Salut, Neufchâtel
john Cleveland __, Fuel And Iron Robber Baron
it Smells Like Eggs On The Periodic Table
christine __, French Feminist And Sociologist
oldest U.s. Fashion Magazine, Harper’s __
marie-__, 1st Foreign Language Oscar Winner
world __ Day On 7 April Promotes Global Well-being
popular Racket Sport, First Called Sphairistike
boating Powered By Oars
__ Biloba, Plant Enhances Cognitive Function

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 5
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diver’s Prize
tropical Fruits With A Large Flat Stone Inside
system Of Government By An Oppressive Ruler
a Lesser Deity
old Slang Term For Detective
perished Species
wine Is Stored There
stretchy Fabric Invented By Brit Thomas Hancock
wooden Conical Bore From Switzerland
sheryl Crow Song, The First Cut Is The __
region Of Europe In East Germany And Sw Poland
patron Saint Of Ireland
judy __, Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz
70s Us Probes That Visited Jupiter And Saturn