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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 1
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equestrian Slalom Course With Paired Ponies
popular, Multi-use Folding Knives, Boy Scout Tool
__ Brody, The Pianist Actor
seinfeld Neighbor, Nemesis
part Of The Body Between Neck And Diaphragm
clump Breaker, Sieve
bluegrass, Circular Stringed Instruments
japanese Car Brand Also Known For Its Motorbikes
soft Mineral Used In Plaster
in The Middle
fish Eggs
people Who Have Been Officially Canonized
female Water Sprites Unfriendly To People
the Capital Of Zimbabwe
where Two Walls Meet

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 2
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uk Currency
john __, Saturday Night Fever Star
__ Velocity, Final Constant Speed Of Falling Body
parasite That Can Live In The Digestive Tract
strong Coffee
a Stew Made From Whatever Is Within Reach
the __, Us Film With Dustin Hoffman
backless Couch With High Curved Headrest
deep Purple-reddish Color
galaxy Used For The Study Of Galactic Structure
decade Following The 80’s
author Of “the Little Mermaid”: Hans Christian __
the Capital Of Liberia
in Marketing, A Target Area Larger Than Local

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 3
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when The Pass Is Considered Complete In Football
aubrey __, Victorian Painter
shia Militant Group Based In Lebanon
a Den Made Up In The Leaves And Branches
gardening Expert Collects Rare Specimens
tropical Breeze That Blows Towards The Equator
died Of A Heart Attack While Filming Wagons East!
heavenly Yolkless Baked Sponge
soaked Through, Drenched
with Scribes In The New Testament, Opposed Jesus
to Give In
sub-unit Of Former Italian Currency Lira
vapor-powered Water Vessel Created By John Fitch
term For The Study Of The Origins Of The Universe
related To The Skin
not Funny
the Study Of The Meaning In Language
medieval German Double-reeded Wind Instrument
fear Of Anything New
wooden Sailing Boats Used By The Vikings
oskar __, Child-sized Narrator Of The Tin Drum
laboratory Receptacle

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 4
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transition Metal, Used In Electric Guitar Strings
haitian Religion Complete With Magic And Priests
the Largest And Best-known Cuttlefish
__ Santa, Holy Week Celebrations In Spain
witches’ Rides
__ Gland, Gin And Orange For Simians
teddy __, Animatronic, Talking Bear Kid’s Toy
dog’s Necklace
petit __, French Kids Wear, Means “small Boat”
madame __, French Revolutionary Executed In 1793
bones Of The Ankle Joint, Connected To The Tibia
country Where Actress Salma Hayek Was Born
sunken, Concave, Indented, Recessed
line From Center To Circumference Of Circle
cleaning Devices On A Vehicle Windscreen
per __, For Each Person Or Individual

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 5
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__ Bannerfish Are White, Black, And Yellow
applying Middle Pedal In A Car To Slow Speed
ugandan, Styled Himself The Last King Of Scotland
to Lean Back
cool Fashionable Type Of Food
the Cowboy State
train Of A Flamenco Dress
italian Opera Composer Of The Barber Of Seville
site Of Major Iranian Earthquake Of 1909
the Art Or Sport Of Fighting With Swords
world Class Chess Champion, Bobby __
greek Goddess Of Wisdom
russian Novelist Who Came From The Aristocracy
chest Of Drawers
beguiling, Dodgy, Cunning, Guileful,
captain Of The White Tower (the Lord Of The Rings)
felt Weak Suddenly, Lost Consciousness