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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 1
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largest Christian Church In Egypt
jules Rimet __, Awarded To World Cup Winners
it Means “hill” In Spanish
“jack Of All Trades, __ Of None”
country Where Calgary International Airport Is
__ And Clyde
tower Of __, English Royalty; Notorious Prison
archimedes’ Famous Exclamation
a Person’s Account Of Life Events
cat With No Hair, Sounds Egyptian
opposite Of Malignant
made For Fertilizers, Potassium Salts

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 2
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the Clapping Of A Theater Audience
woodwind Instrument With A Single Reed Mouthpiece
the D In Gdp
baby Flying, Water Floating, Big Billed Bird
restriction Due To Youth Or Maturity
british Overseas Territory, Capital Adamstown
__of Love, Opera Singer Moves To Milan
she Sings “what A Girl Wants”: Christina __
country Where The Baht Is The Official Currency
prix __, Major French Literary Prize
mrs And Mrs Clark __, Hockney Kitty Art
feldspar Variety With Optical Effect
first Computer, Invented By Tommy Flowers
the Upper Wooden Ridge At The Side Of A Ship
air Force, Navy, Army
high Natural Elevation On Earth
world’s Largest Impact Event In Russia In 1908

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 3
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gathering Spot For Hot Beverage Drinkers
spacy Russian Traveler
laurence Who Played Ray Langston On Csi
when Sugar Has Turned To Alcohol
book Issuer
less Cold Blizzard
catherine Deneuve Film: “the __ Of Cherbourg”
wwe Wrestler Steve Austin Ring Name
180-degree View
arabic Language, News Television Network
medal-winning Us Sprinter And Long Jumper
commissioned The Great Pyramid Of Giza
swiss Inventor Of Velcro, George __
north German State, Mecklenburg-western __

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 4
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late Golf Great, Arnold __
reactive Metal Associated With The Color Blue
official Currency Of Mongolia
floating Frozen Mass On The Ocean Surface
to Promote, Encourage
antonym Of Junior
fiery Spanish Opera By Bizet
female Face Paint
what Burger King Is Called In Australia, __ Jacks
__ Incident, Japanese Seizure Of Manchurian City
green, Flightless New Zealand Parrot
tropical Viral Disease Transmitted By Mosquitoes
saturn Moon, Travels In A Reverse Direction
a Very Small Vein
only U.s. State Located In Oceania
peril, Danger, Hazard, Threat, Imminence
tenzin __, The 14th Dalai Lama

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 5
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enduring, Not Changing, Steadfast
a Young Or Baby Goose
moving Furtively Or Inconspicuously
areas Of The Earth Around The Equator
cartoon Character Elmer J. Fudd’s Original Name
official Currency Of Mozambique
the __, Band Created For A Tv Show In The 1960s
the Remedy May Be Worse Than This
islamic Trumpeter, Announces The End Of The World
an Error Or A Fault, Can Be Deliberate
vegetable Common In Many Salads