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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 1
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medicinal Plant Similar To Mint
surrounding A Circle
before Another, Prior, Earlier
word Game That Rhymes With A Popular Fruit
old Occupation Of Stretching Cloth Over A Machine
60,000 Milliseconds
oil Rich Country Of First Gulf War
__ Chloride, Used In Sewage Treatment
area That Contains Your Vocal Cords
a Syringe’s Best Friend
moses Snappers Have Large Spot Below __ Fin
“high” Part Of A City
it’s So Vast That You Cannot See The Trees

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 2
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hungary’s Leader During The Ussr Invasion Of 1956
island Country In The Indian Ocean, Capital Male
metal Used With Alloys To Create Batteries
giant, Radioactive Reptile, Star Of Many Movies
captured By Enemy, __ Of War Aka Pow
ridged, Tubed Pasta
bookworm’s Injury
falling As Freezing Rain
term For Two-wheeled, Off-road, Mucky Vehicle
guess At A Price
to Take Possession Of Money Fraudulently

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 3
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corn And Lima Beans Dish
russian Oblast And City On The Volga River
poorly Constructed; Crude
these Don’t Ever Make One Right
the __, British Short Film That Won The 2014 Oscar
jerry Herman, Us Composer Of La Cage __
represented By Red Semicircles On A Weather Map
shoots The Action
the Epsom Derby Is One
with Tigris Created Mesopotamia
french Winner Of 1947 Nobel Literature Prize
wooden Walkway Over Marshes
mythic Character; Her Prophecies Are Not Believed

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 4
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__ Horse, Event Requires Strong Forearms
colorado Soccer Team Named After River Current
pope And Poisons In Italian Renaissance Family
mountaineer Heinrich Who Spent Seven Years In Tibet
having Two Spouses At The Same Time
cream Of __, By Product Of Winemaking, Ingredient
not Like Anything Else
fake Ducks On A Pond
organ To Be First Successfully Transplanted
wavy, Frizzy
broadcast __, Makes Large Scale Planting Easier
john __, Long-serving Aussie Pm
anatomy __ Of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, By Rembrandt
the War Of The __, Novel By Uk Writer Hg Wells

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 5
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insubstantial Lingerie
old English Epic Poem With The Monster Grendel
prominent Family In Professional Wrestling
to Adorn
person Who Writes Online Articles And Comments
homo __, Scientific Name For Humans
__ Is Bordered By Brazil And Argentina
place Where Products Are Made
sultan Who Captured Jerusalem After The 2nd Crusade
cargo Transported For Money On Land, Air, Sea
psychic Cookies
photo Taken By The Law
a Well-known Beatles’ Song