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CodyCross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 1
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you Put This On Dogs And Horses
sweet Hummable Musical Arrangement
currency Of The Czech Republic
mark Antony’s Wife
san Jose (calif.) Professional Hockey Team
waterway Larger Than A Brook, Smaller Than A River
cured Italian Meat, Popular Cold Cut
slightly Louder Than A Whisper
swanky, Fashionable
harry __, Title Character Of A Series By Jk Rowling
under __, Sports Clothing Company
very Energetic Person

CodyCross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 2
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seaside Toy
canadian Comedian, Uncle Buck, Space Balls
the Place Behind The Performance Area In A Play
first Transatlantic Solo Flyer, Charles __, Jr.
estadio Olímpico Joao __, Rio De Janeiro
harmless, Inoffensive
attracted To All People Regardless Of Their Gender
uk 1983 Robbery, Gold Bullion Remains Unrecovered
avocado-based Dip
usually, Mammals Give Birth To __
roman-built Segovia Site Used To Transport Water
wooden Puppet Who Lied A Lot
mary __; She Saw Christ After His Resurrection
describes A Petite Nose Turned Up At The Tip

CodyCross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 3
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to Attack With Explosives, Repeatedly
kfc’s Mascot, __ Sanders
congo’s National Park With Mountain Gorillas
science That Studies Rocks
swedish Band That Recorded “listen To Your Heart”
__ Parts, Biographical Comedy About Howard Stern
popular Smoking Product Is Illegal In Bhutan
space In Front Of Your Plane Seat
wheel Guards On A Car Or Bike To Prevent Splashing
the Eighth Avatar Of The God Vishnu
prehistoric Cave Paintings Found In France
gray And White Aquatic Bird That Lives By The Ocean
terminator__, Us Film From 2015
stieg __, Crimewriter Of The Millennium Trilogy
medical Term For The Loss Of The Sense Of Smell
__ Jordan, Legendary Us Basketball Player
modus __, Way Of Living

CodyCross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 4
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to Penetrate Or Enter Unexpectedly Or Violently
fred Flintstone’s Best Friend, Barney
second Book Of The Old Testament
fernando __, Portuguese Poet, Had Many Identities
extensive Territory Ruled By One Group Or Person
endures Without Yielding Or Bears Patiently
joseph __, British Inventor Of Reinforced Concrete
decorative Wheel Cover On A Car
ship Vacation With Periodic Stops
author Of “and Then There Were None”: __ Christie
car That Pulls A Train
soft Corals That Look Like Feather Pens
jane Porter In The Legend Of Tarzan 2016
shepherds Love To See This At Night
the “e” In E =mc2 As Posited By Einstein
notre-dame Has A Famous Rose One

CodyCross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 5
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area Between The Earth And The Sun
botswana Delta, Popular With Safari Tourists
look Inwards And Study Oneself In This Field
butch Cassidy And The __ Kid, Famous Duo
the Queen’s Daughter
eating Disorder Involving Loss Of Appetite
nintendo’s 1984 Shooting Game
it Would Take A Tiny Jockey To Ride One
term For A Papal Election
snake __ Are Blennies With Comb-like Teeth
tight-lipped, Disinclined To Talk
bottle Gourd With Pale Green Skin And White Flesh
another Name For The Holy Grail
literary Festival
the Official National Sport Of Cuba
flat Bread Used To Wrap Tacos
waterproof Overshoes
former American Idol Host, Ryan __