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CodyCross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 1
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scribe Of The Written Work
home To Ancient Senegal Site And Holy Sites
relating To Or Situated Near Or On The Back
ancient Russian Town On Lake Nero, In Yaroslavl
songs Rarely Heard In U.s. Long After Christmas
__ Takei Plays Hikaru Sulu In Star Trek
to Outline, Trace, Delineate, Silhouette
ferdinand And Imelda, Twin Filipino Dictators
tropical Yellow Fruit With Black Seeds In Center
french Port Where The Country’s Navy Was Scuttled
grand __, Large Covered Market In Istanbul
groups Of Stars And Matter Found In The Universe
large Blunt Sewing Needle
__ Sports Stadium, Ghana’s Largest, Baba Yara

CodyCross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 2
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science Of Structure Of Buildings, Landforms
military Instruction To Face The Other Way
non-compliant, Opposing; Reluctant
buddhist Female Lay Renunciant In Myanmar
they Mark The Outer Boundaries Of A Football Field
north African City With Bustling Djemaa El-fna
spanish Cocktail, Calimocho, Rioja Libre
lightweight Hand-held Air Wafting Devices
much Sought After Last Supper’s Goblet
statue Of Athena That Protected Troy
pan’s __, Dark Fantasy About The Spanish Civil War
famous Us Tractor Company
festival Marking The Beginning Of Lent In Italy
iron Carbide Found In Most Steels

CodyCross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 3
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language That Has 18 Vowel Phenomenons
capital Of China’s Jiangsu Province On The Yangtze
robert E. Lee Is Celebrated In This Southern State
author Of Britain’s Most Famous Spy
head With Prolongation In Various Animals, Weevil
dustin __, Rain Man
hungarian Stew; Assortment Of Different Things
yuri, Lara Love Story Filmed In Spain, Doctor __
roger __, Swiss Genius On The Court

CodyCross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 4
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thought Expressed With Symbolic Fictional Figures
players Don’t Move The Round Object With Their Feet
gothic Revival Cathedral In Madrid
in This Movie Al Pacino Plays A Drug Dealer
__ Slice, Uncooked, Layered Brownie
don’t __ Ice Is A Children’s Game For Ages 3 And Up
motoring Route That Must Be Payed For
valley Of __, Luxor’s Ancient Royal Burial Site
number With 12 Zeros
first Female, Jewish Supreme Court Justice
exhibition Held Every Two Years Such As In Venice

CodyCross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 5
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decryption Code
christian Title Can Be Held By Women
salt __, Part Of A Cruet Set
atlanta __ Play At Suntrust Park
__ Elvis, Warhol Painting Of Three
box That Is Lowered Six Feet Into Ground
warcraft Villain, __, Played By Daniel Wu
janggi, __ Chess, Is A Board Game From Korea
richard Strauss’ Tone Poem, Also __ Zarathustra
__ Richards, Makers Of Kettles And Irons
male First Name; Middle Eastern Kingdom
__ And Clyde, Us Criminal Couple From The 1930s
a Bee Performs A __ Dance To Show Where Food Is
w. G. __, Wrote Austerlitz Novel
penguin Species With Loud Trumpeting Call
bluish Gemstone Aka Cordierite