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CodyCross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 1
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ottoman Sultan’s Highly Decorative Robe
ian __, Atonement’s Author
mushroom That Sounds Like Seafood
__ Goose, 1964 Wwii Romantic Comedy, Codename
large Lake On The Border Of Estonia And Russia
us Desert State That Is Home To Area 51
grouchy Or Ill-natured
__ Tang Are Popular Bright Fish
it Means “dove” In Spanish
catch Butterflies Blown From An Elephant’s Trunk
thick Tissues That Link Muscles To Bones
city Where Westminster Abbey Is Located
__ Krabs Is Spongebob’s Boss
berbers Are Traveling Peoples
george Washington __, Inventor Who Loved Peanuts
a Knight’s Personal Assistant
some Have The Power To __ Us To Another Dimension

CodyCross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 2
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giant ‘evil’ Crater In Siberian Forest
html: __ Markup Language
if You Have This You Giggle Longest
swimming Stroke A Canine Uses
german Term Meaning Spirit Of The Age
shopping By Post
spotted Dog With Friends Jezebel And Chi Chi
second Biggest Selling Video Game (as Of 2017)
the Name For The Three-banded Italian Flag
the Birth Name Of Cambodian Dictator Pol Pot
severe Storm With Categories 1, 2, 3 And 4
dome __, Gold-roofed Shrine In Jerusalem
a Sequel To A Sequel; Third Film In A Series

CodyCross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 3
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music Style In No Key, Sounds Controversial
formed, Delineated
“somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad”, Russell __
band Player
1994 Short Film About A Diana Ross Fan With A Crush
strip For Landing Airplanes On
upholstered Bench, Couch, Sofa
charles __, King Of The Franks
what Euphrosyne, Aglaea And Thalia Were
gluten Intolerance, __ Disease
group Of People Related By Blood
lord Peter __, Detective Of Dorothy Sayers’ Novels
french Term For Thick Sauce Made From Fruit
indian Dagger, Fist Blade
felines Love This Herb
rajiv __ International Cricket Stadium
elusive Scottish Lake Monster’s Nickname

CodyCross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 4
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fear Or Dislike Of Bisexuality Or Bisexuals
squat, Very Hot Chili Pepper From Green To Orange
box For Holding Pet Piscines
the __ Of The Sierra Madre, Us Film From Late 1940s
sounding Of Notes Of A Chord In Rapid Succession
educational Entertainment Company, Kid’s Game
beavis’ Pyromaniac Friend
detroit __ Play At Joe Louis Arena
lord Protector Of The Commonwealth
that’s How The Cookie __
el __, Maya Step Pyramid At Chichen Itza

CodyCross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 5
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repurpose Items, Creating More Value
capital Of Thailand
oldest Living Former French President, 1970s
this Croydon Singer’s Real Name Is Michael Omari
__ Arnault, French Billionaire
home To Texas Tech University
goblin Who Lures Children To The Land Of The Dead
large North American Brown Bear
nancy Drew’s Genre
developed The 1st Blood Transfusion Service
the Way One Who Gives Twice Does It
making Clay Items In A Wheel And Firing Them
müller-__, White Grape Created By Swiss Botanist
largest Moon Of The Planet Uranus
great Musician Or Composer