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CodyCross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 1
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james __, Invented Artificial Sweetener Aspartame
staple Food Of Central Asian Herders
nationality Of Long-distance Runner Gebreselassie
light In A Concentrated Line
financial Situations Of Regions
viewing Wheel By The River Thames
bravo Scripted Drama
ancient Rock Temples In Southern Egypt
the World’s Constructed Auxiliary Language
a Female Horse Chiefly Used For Reproduction
outside The Allowable Area
cover For A Light
sega’s Six Generation Video Game Console
discovery Channel’s Annual Deep Sea Event
von Trier’s Comedy Film From 1998
hermann __, Creator Of The Inkblot Test

CodyCross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 2
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someone Who Is All Thumbs
carl Orff’s O Fortuna Cantata, Carmina __
a Folding Case Used To Carry Money
a Place For The Sale Of Goods, Store
largest Bavarian City, Home To Bayern’s Soccer Team
herbal Garden Also Known As Apothecaries’ Garden
plump And Round
__ Gingerbread, Named After Former Polish Capital
toy Weapon With A Cork Down The Barrel
frida Kahlo’s Husband, Diego __
said Of Someone Who Is Very Clumsy: “all __”
crouching Tiger, Hidden __, Film By Ang Lee
members Of Secret Society Organized Into Lodges

CodyCross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 3
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lauren Bacall And Goldie Hawn Film, __ Flower
tires For Emergencies
swift-__, A Comet That Last Visited In 1992
dig A Corpse Out Of The Ground
first Country (not The U.s.) To Open An Automat
musée __, French Art Museum In Railway Station
feelgood Hormone Found In Muscle Cells
some Call It “plátano” In Spanish
this Insect’s Bite Can Lead To Sleeping Sickness
colour Of Autumn Leaves Before They Turn Red/brown
__ Jankovic, Former Serbian No. 1 Tennis Player
__ Île, Historic Center Of Strasbourg
another Name For The European Bison
geoff Love’s Adopted Name For Music For Mountains
surname Of Mailman Cliff In Cheers
killing The __ Lion, The First Labor Of Heracles

CodyCross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 4
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troy __, An Actor In The Simpsons
fc Barcelona’s Stadium, With Large Trophy Room
bound, Obligated, Closely Related
end-of-line Railway Station, Main Rome Rail Hub
scholarly Jewish Comedian
what The Old Are Over
__ Chicken Wings And Blue Cheese Dip
the American __, Fans Of The Us Football Team
argo Actor, George __
raising From Birth
christ The Redeemer Statue Overlooks Rio De __
made First Solo Non-stop Transworld Balloon Flight

CodyCross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 5
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bay __, Bight At North Of Nz’s North Island
blanket Term For Household Goods Sold In Shops
resting Position With Lower Legs On The Ground
alaskan Dogsled Race
large Outbreak Of Disease
__ In Paradise Features In The 50s Musical Kismet
cooked On A Slow Boil
persian And Angora Cats Have __ (lengthy Fur)
put Money Into A Project
spherical Float Found In A Toilet’s Cistern
matt, Creator Of The Simpsons
alan __, Brit Inventor Of Stereophonic Sound
turn Signals, Informally
us National Park, A World Heritage Site Since 1984
country In Marvel Comics, Capital Doomstadt
“all Over Bar The __”
unit Of Hydrostatic Pressure
celebration Headwear
serer Priestly Class, Ministers Of Religious Cult
jefferson __, Washington Monument To Ex-president
__ Pessoa, Portuguese Poet Who Used Heteronyms