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CodyCross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 1
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the Girl With The Dragon __, A Book And A Movie
sea Glider
__ J. Fry Is From The Year 2000 On Futurama
__ Tigers Play Football At Jordan-hare Stadium
female President Of The Philippines
american Super Soaker Inventor __ Johnson
__ Hero, Self-destructive Character
collection Of Ancient Writings Forming Jewish Law
__ In The Wind, Song By Taupin And John
__ Adventure, Animated Family Attraction In London
an Unbred, Bucking, Wild Horse
king __vii Sea, Southern Ocean Stretch
marie-antoine __, French Pastry Chef To Royalty
photo __, Take Care Of Your Nostalgic Memories
__ P. Sloan, General Motors’ Mogul
colombian Painter Who Depicts Plump Women
syringa Flowers That Lend Name To Light Purple
bread __, Extract From The Stomach In Operation

CodyCross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 2
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frances __, Actress Known For Fargo
putting Green Gofer
kate Middleton’s Royal Title, Duchess Of __
__ Volunteers Play Football From Neyland Stadium
question On Every Dallas Fan’s Lips In 1980
king Of Aragon, Sponsor Of Columbus
flyer Who Assesses Performance Of New Aircraft
a Millionaire
well-known Stage Actor; Played Henry Taylor On 24
major Global Hit For Boy George And Band, Karma __
science Founded By Archimedes
sweet, Fermented Yogurt Eaten In India
dmitri __, Created The Table Of Chemical Elements

CodyCross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 3
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florida Bay Discovered By Ponce De León In 1513
__ De La Cruz, Eternal Jubilee City
major French Red Wine Region
last Half Of A Round Of Golf
__ Event, Unexplained Siberian Explosion Of 1908
__ Mastroianni, Leading Actor Of La Dolce Vita
new Zealand Skyscraper For Bungee Jumpers
similar To Persuading
he Gives Voice To A Cowboy Toy In This Us Film
john __, Inventor Of The Chronometer
the __ Waspfish Has A Large Crown
quarters Assigned To The Officers Of A Warship
home Of Jože Plečnik And Škocjan Caves
science Of Electronic Devices For Aircrafts
italian Kitchen Appliance Brand, Owners Of Kenwood
pernickety, Pettifogging
mount __, Historical Peak In South Dakota, Us
style Or Design Of Printed Characters
to Make Amends And Fix
geological Era In Which Mammals Developed
koala Cia Agent In American Dad
frasier Crane’s Assistant And Radio Producer

CodyCross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 4
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crumb, Bit, Fleck, Molecule, Morsel, Grain
the Letter ‘f’ In The Spelling Alphabet
vlad The __, Ruler Of Wallachia, Dracula
similar To Precook
the __ Snapper Has A Black Spot Below Dorsal Fins
minnesota Golden __ Play At Tfc Bank Stadium
needlework With A Single Hooked Needle
johnny __, Real Life Story Of Lies And Rumors
__ Thy Name Is Woman
billy Madison, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore
elizabethan Loose-fitting Breeches
illuminated Machine That Selects And Plays Vinyl
chemical Element Of Atomic Number 77

CodyCross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 5
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container Or Ship
latin American Dish Cooked In Corn Husk
__ Square, Famous Public Space In Downtown Cairo
luke, Former World No 1 Golfer
biblical Land Given To The Hebrews By Joseph
humans Only Have Two In Their Hands
five Pennies, Half A Dime, Jefferson’s Side View
knight’s Servant
andrew __, Climber, Died With Mallory On Everest
us Brothers Who Invented A Flying Machine
hungarian Name For Their Native Language
clinton’s Vice-president
procession, Cortege
__ Fair, Thackeray’s Tale Of Rebellious Becky Sharp