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CodyCross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 1
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__ Of Mons, Apparitions Seen On The Western Front
jessalyn Gilsig’s Character On Boston Public
nominated 10 Times For The Academy Awards, John __
appliance For Heating Water For Coffee Or Tea
lena __ Plays Cersei In Game Of Thrones
parsley, Celery-like Herb
joseph __, Dutch Author
paid Assassin
oil Used In Cosmetics
__ The Spot, Treasure Indicator On A Pirate’s Map
sir Gary __, West Indian Cricket All-rounder
kurt __ Lead Singer Of Nirvana
first African Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Albert __
they Often Come With Thunders And Lightning
to Choose Not To Participate
tbh, Internet Slang For “to Be __”
in Christianity, Jacob’s Second Wife
exercise Performed Hanging From A Bar
written Record Of Job History, Used To Apply

CodyCross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 2
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a Person Who Has Had A Limb Or Part Of One Removed
__ Bentz, German Who Invented Coffee Filters
public Relations Agency
this Starts A Soccer Or Football Game
clue Jr.: Case Of The __ Pet Was Released In 1989
__ Aching, Witch-in-training In Discworld Series
a Few __, Aaron Sorkin’s Us Legal Drama
magician And Escapologist Born Ehrich Weiss
__ Bride, Roberts And Gere Star
no Gain __ Pain
__steps, Iberian Stone Stairway In Rome
alternative Name For Jerusalem’s Western Wall
uk Spicy, Currant Cake Like Eccles Cake

CodyCross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 3
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jan __, Czech Student Protested By Self-immolation
french Reformer Of The 16th Century, John __
not A Liar, Honorable, Fair, Sincere
nestle’s French Packaged Dessert
wrestler Born In Chicago And Made A Move To Ufc
printer Inks
the Fluid That Surrounds Blood Cells
the Great American __, 1974 Rodeo Documentary
piazza In Rome With Fountains And Obelisk
to Make A Contribution; To Bestow
extremely Strong Plastic Invented By Kwolek
greek Goddess Of The Hearth
the __, Sang Highway Radio Hit Wild Thing
longest River In Southeast Asia
evan __ Wood, Us Actress

CodyCross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 4
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a Shortened Version Of A Book
extinct Flightless Sea Bird Of The North Atlantic
the Extreme Opposite Of Orderliness
large Purple Fruit Used In Cooking
he Declined The Israeli Presidency In 1952
wheel Inside A Car That Changes The Direction
they Attach Your Feet To The Saddle
toys ‘r’ Us Is A Us Toy __
the Name Of The 2010 World Cup Ball
all __, Fosse’s Dance Film
formal Garden Of Symmetrical Box Hedges
old Church, Oldest Building In Amsterdam
“yes, A __ Times Yes!”, Pride And Prejudice Line
anesthetic Sometimes Called “special K”

CodyCross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 5
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can Be Verified By Observation Or Logic
american __, Dick Clark Show For New Talent
sensible And Realistic
a Town __, A Love Story Set During And After Wwii
professional Charged With Steering Venetian Boats
elite Army Of Eunuchs In Got
different Colored Skullcap Worn By Rc Clergy
fear Of Animals
equines Who Pulled Coal In The Mines
institutes Where Brainy Sorts Thrash Out Policy
component That Cleans Lubrication
the First Set Of Gnashers Of A Young Mammal
beachcomber’s Bounty
there’s Calm In Its Eye
gilbert And Sullivan Operetta About A Curse