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CodyCross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 1
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french Dept In Occitanie, Named After Its River
__ Sound, Nz Fjord With Penguins And Seals
ancient Quarter Of A Town
as Fast As It Goes
spanish Painter, __ Fortuny, Born 1838
hot __, Moving Around The Office To Work
first Triumverate Member With Pompey And Caesar
children’s Author, __ Cleary
strips Of Dried Dough
term For An Americana Submission In Jiu Jitsu
south African Mongoose
__ Greene, Uk Author Of The Heart Of The Matter
color Of The Submarine The Beatles Sang About
nicole __, Star Of Far And Away And Moulin Rouge
pepper Named After Syrian City; Regional Spice
capital Of Texas
soldier’s Equipment Holder
warning Lights In A Car, With A Triangle Symbol
yoga Practiced In Heated Rooms
treaty Of __ Sought Wwi Peace With The Ottomans
bone System Inside The Mouth Of Some Whales
metallic Strands Used To Decorate A Christmas Tree

CodyCross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 2
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dame Ninette De __, English-irish Ballerina
microsoft’s Old Mascot
cleaning Up The __ Stables, The Fifth Labor Of Heracles
noah’s Great-grandson
insect Emblem Of Mysterious Global Puzzle Series
where Would Scooby-doo Be Without __
capital Of Dominica
puff __, French, Many Buttered Layers
official Currency Of Tajikistan
__ Plath, Writer Who Married Ted Hughes
animal Waste Used As Fertilizer

CodyCross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 3
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sport For Which Petra Kvitova Is Noted
what Italians Call Scotland
with Crick He Discovered The Structure Of Dna
hold Your __
maraschino, A Type Of
guitar Maker That Produces The Stratocaster
world’s First Autobiographer, Greek Poet
natalie __, Plays A Tyrell In Game Of Thrones
__ Heinlein, The Dean Of Science Fiction Writers
japanese Photography Firm, Merged With Minolta
aircraft Storage Building
schwarzenegger Is His Twin In A Movie
he Was Prince Siddhartha Before His Enlightenment
a Large Dog
adrenal And Thymus Are Types
museum Where The Mona Lisa Is Located
neither Sunday Nor Tuesday
woven Fabric With A Loopy Curled Pile

CodyCross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 4
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the Science Of The Laws, Especially Of The Mind
__ Cornhuskers Play Football At Memorial Stadium
us Prison Center Of 1962 Jailbreak Mystery
where An Artist Keeps Oils
the Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Molly __
this Machine Tears Up Confidential Papers
red Sandstone Palace Near Jaipur, India
a Head-swelling Lizard
owner And Manager Of Vacation Resorts, Inns
italian Dessert Made With Mascarpone And Coffee
on Futurama, He Is A Famous Robot Actor
unaccompanied, Abandoned, Forsaken
tommy And __, Crime Solvers Till Death Do Them Part
amerigo __, Explorer Who Gave His Name To America
the N In The International Phonetic Alphabet

CodyCross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 5
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where Golfers Go To Celebrate A Round Of Golf
cologne __, Germany’s Most Visited Landmark
one Who Obtains Or Extorts Money Illegally
contamination, Toxic Waste And Smoke Cause This
opening Sheet Of A Newspaper, With Headline
johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel
__ Clearwater Revival
hardwood Trees With Catkins
joseph Of __, He Took The Holy Grail To Britain
the Common Garden Mint; A Candy Flavor
armpit Perfume, Fights Body Odor
thor __, Norwegian Explorer And Anthropologist
to Build
on His Deathbed He Said: Let Not Poor Nelly Starve
deceitful Speech Or Action
to Move Back And Forth
sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple
the Season Of Good Cheer