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CodyCross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 1
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CodyCross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 2
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it Means “never-ending” In Latin
first To Develop A Polio Vaccination
weather-related Nickname Of Boxer Rubin Carter
former Home Of Elvis In Tennessee
period Of Life Before Adolescency
__ Creations, The B&b Haute Couture Label
__ Taylor, British-american Iconic Actress
vehicle Driven By Ernest Hemingway In Wwi
it Used To Be Saint Petersburg
country Where Hugh Jackman Was Born
person Who Has A Hard Time Remembering Things
shot Of Espresso With Ground Coffee
strait Separates Africa And Europe
teller In A Financial Institution
artistic Attention To Detail

CodyCross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 3
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opposite Of Indoor
survivors, Remnants
doctor Who Discovered Penicillin: Alexander __
spray Released As A Fin
last Name Of Us First Lady Jackie’s Husband, 1960s
the Capital Of Iraq
cross Them For Good Luck
marsupial That Is Like A Small Kangaroo
jules Verne Adventure, 20,000 __ Under The Sea
heavy, Coarse Fabric Used For Stiffening Garments
walter __, Creator Of The Bauhaus In Weimar
to Have Faith In Someone Or Something
jackie __, Honeymooner Bus Driver
root Vegetable, Off-white, Similar To A Carrot
nickname Of Arsenal’s Supporters

CodyCross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 4
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car Stoppers
gulf Of __, Site Of 1964 Us/vietnam Incident
the Period Of Four Sundays Before Christmas
annie __, Evil Nurse From King’s Misery
type Of Liquid Printer
play That Poses The Question “to Be Or Not To Be?”
corny, Mawkish
former Nsync Member, __ Timberlake
italian Aperitif Flavored With Orange
hugh __, British Actor, Dr. House
__ Stick; A Usb By Another Name

CodyCross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 5
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king __ Stadium, Belgian Royalty Sporting Grounds
creator Of Holden Caulfield
pony __, Vibrant Trophy Ribbons
chicago Retailer Acquired By Macy’s, __ Field’s
small Bread Roll From Belgian Capital
saddle Bags, Handy For Cyclists
it Won’t Poison You
__ Judy, Seaside Slapstick With Husband And Wife
seller Of Indulgences, As Described By Chaucer
bob’s __, Animated Short Film About Midlife Crisis
member Of A Group Holding Power In A Country
horror Sitcom Sounds Like A Type Of Cheese
green Or Yellow Banana
avant-garde Musical Instrument With Antennae
island Group Containing Majorca And Menorca