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CodyCross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 1
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__ Aztec, Red Cocktail With Tequila, Cream
1980s Term For A Young Urban Professional
scope, Degree, Range
john __ Plays Finn In Star Wars: Episode 7
the Police’s Mega Hit Song Every __ You Take
less Hot
riverside Execution Post Used For Hanging Pirates
scandinavian Country’s Currency Is The Krona
they Fly The Bird
how The __ Stole Christmas
former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Sonny __
la Femme __, Tv Series Starring Peta Wilson

CodyCross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 2
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italian Cheese Sometimes Smoked Or Grilled
sedimentary White Rock
money Lender With Excessive Interest Rates
apparatus Used For Hatching Eggs
drummer For The Roots
star Of Good Will Hunting
pierre __, French Dramatist Of Le Cid
king Tut’s Golden Headdress, Discovered By Carter
1975 Film Satire Of Country, Gospel Music
belgian King Set Up The Congo Free State
small Containers For Drugs

CodyCross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 3
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western Hemisphere Marsupials
grape Ape Was Created By Hanna/__ In 1975
plastic Spork Is Example Of This Utensil
sikh Swords Seen Crossed On Khanda Symbol
west German Name For Former East German Currency
convertible Car
kidding Around
northern Illinois __ Play Football From Dekalb, Il
__-daro, Abandoned Indus Valley Archeology Site
ergonomics Is The __ Of Things Fitting People
edible Upper Half Of The Broccoli
__ Ice, Us Rapper From The 1980s
where Planes Land And Models Strut
gainsborough Portrait Of Young Man In Satin
maiden Name Of Margaret Thatcher
impressive Cave Scribblings At Lascaux, France

CodyCross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 4
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five Robots Combined In The Power Rangers Series
reached The North Pole Under The Ice Cap (1958)
ohio State __ Play Football At Ohio Stadium
snack Made With Granola, Dried Fruits And Nuts
peruvian Or Greek Tunes Are Played On These
pink-hued Nickname Of Petra, Jordan
strongman Buys Girl In Fellini’s Mythology Film
imitative Work That Nods At Another Work Or Style
container Of Varied Objects
awkward And Not Graceful
clergyman Chemist Who Discovered Oxygen, Joseph __

CodyCross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 5
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announcer On The Muppet Show,__ The Frog
the Persistence Of __, By Dalí, If You Can Remember
former Name Of Chennai And A Lightweight Fabric
charles __, Dickens’ French Aristocrat
red __, British Flag Seen At Sea
important To Economy, Longest South African River
small Measure Of Liquor
to Choose Something Or Someone Over Others
former Lead Singer Of Chicago, Peter __
you Put Your Head Here When You Are Sleeping
rhyming Term For An Important Person
spanish F1 Racing Driver Fernando __
lech __, Polish Trade Unionist And President
day Of The Week That Starts The Sabbath
puppet Play From Bali And Java
one Makes Several French Fries
snowy Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar