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CodyCross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 1
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to Deliver A Blow, To Hit With A Fist Or Weapon
store Your Stuff Here
moveable Toy, With Strings, For Putting On Shows
first Wife Of Henry Viii: Catherine Of __
mixed Songs; A Mixture Of Different Things
type Of Coffee Invented By German Melitta Bentz
sandy __, Dodgers Pitcher, Hall Of Fame At 36
breaking Up Of Soil Using Machine Of The Same Name
pete’s Dragon In 2016 Is A __ Of The 1977 Film
shape Of Cloud That Forms The Core Of A Tornado
astrological Sign Associated With The Fish
__ Epoch: When The First Marine Mammals Appeared

CodyCross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 2
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cross Between An Espresso And A Cappuccino
crystal Twinning, Variety Of Albite
people Or Animals Who Live At Night
star From Taxi And Who’s The Boss?
carved Faces On Westminster Abbey’s Roof
a Bizarre Or Odd Idea Or Suggestion Is Out In __
moving A Ball With Lots Of Short Kicks
pilot Of A Double-decker Passenger Vehicle
controversial Spiritual Movement In China
equine Violin Bow Material
__ Dummies, Car Safety Guinea Pigs
photo Story, Progressing Through Multiple Pictures

CodyCross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 3
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to Gulp And Ingest Food Or Drink
__ Oxide, Aka Laughing Gas
__ Vivaldi, Composer Of The Four Seasons
naval Battle Between The Ottomans And Holy League
slang For Prison, Describes The Closing Of Doors
london’s Macabre Historical Attraction
oscar’s Last Name On The Odd Couple
someone Who Trespasses Or Steals
often Ice-bound Gulf Between Sweden And Finland
the Dalai Lama Is A Central Figure In __ Buddhism
standing Long Jump Expert In Early 20th Century
omission Of A Passage In A Book, Speech Or Film
highest Officer Rank In The Us Army

CodyCross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 4
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as Roma Plays Soccer In This Italian League
spicy Root Can Be Used In Sweet Or Savory Food
manufacturer Of Lipitor
microsoft’s Software Suite
in The Middle
thin Fruit Dessert Topping From Eastern Europe
subject, Theme, Topic
onto A Ship Or Plane, Climb __
author Of “the Handmaid’s Tale” Margaret __
ferdinand Marcos’ Shoe Loving Widow
country Claims Part Of Kosovo, Capital Belgrade
bone In The Wrist
eager, Impatient
the Millennium __ Is Han Solo’s Ship In Star Wars
norse Dwarf Turns Into A Dragon Killed By Sigurd
jacqueline __, French Flyer Who Set Speed Records
little __, Degas Sculpture Of Ballet Student
sub-unit Of The Zloty, Poland’s Currency

CodyCross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 5
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singing Group Associated With Diana Ross
internal Communications System
trans-__ Railway, Linking Moscow With Vladivostok
retired Serbian Tennis Player Ana __
author Of All Quiet On The Western Front
__ Leia Kills Jabba The Hutt In Episode 5
someone Who Evaluates People Or Things
one Of The Most Famous British Monarchs Ever
soaking Food In Liquid To Extract Flavor
to Do Or Say Something Shocking: Raise __
the Return Of The __ Son, Rembrandt Painting
journey Album, 1978
large Long-tailed Bird With Beautiful Feathers
times __, Standard Font
french Sun King With Palace At Versailles
hallway Furniture Near The Door