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CodyCross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 1
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renault Mid-range Van, Badly Spelled Conjestion
deux-__, West French Dept Named After Two Rivers
author Of The Novel “black Beauty”: Anna __
ex-man Utd And England Striker, Wayne __
spike Of Ice Formed When Dripping Water Freezes
campbell Soup Can Painter, Andy __
fruit Ready To Be Picked
__proof, Can’t Be Shot
shakespeare __, Won The Academy Awards In 1999
portable Computer For Hot-desking
to Clumsily Feel For Something
police Chief Clancy On The Simpsons
not Being At Risk From Danger
yellowish French Liqueur Flavored With Aniseed
five O’clock Stubble
the Gross Clinic Is Surgery Painted By Thomas __
online Retailer Founded By Jeff Bezos
the Current Capital Of Tanzania

CodyCross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 2
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dolphins Quarterback Who Starred In Many Movies
robinson Crusoe’s Companion
polymers Developed By Frederick Kipping
daily Frequency
daughter Of Agamemnon And Clytemnestra
supposedly, Allegedly
turkish Tax System Of Enrolment Of Christian Boys
nationality Of Verdi’s Opera Princess, Aida
smooth Rock For Grinding Grain
end Of Year Festivities Cookies, Santa, Reindeer
not The Glass Of An Optimist
birds Whose Eggs Are The Biggest
famous Amsterdam Church, Not The Old One

CodyCross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 3
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upward-moving Current Of Air
strolling, Taking Steps, Using Your Legs
__ Control, Of The Force That Attracts Us To Earth
john __, Dexter Villain, Interstellar Actor
medicine Used For Pain And To Thin Blood
umbrella Toting Fictional Character Mary __
midwestern Dumpling
dogs __ Poker, Famous Canine Portrait
great Wall __, Giant East Asian Brickwork
luck Of __ Is A Drawing Game From 2006
the Reversed P “paragraph” Symbol
procedure To Find Cause Of Death
collectibles In Metal Currency Form
axilspot __ Are Red-brown With White Spots
beethoven’s Only Opera
nino __, Italian Stylist And Wool Business Owner
name That Julius Caesar Gave To Present-day Paris
other Times, Other __
moving Your Body To A Tune
__ Henry, Frenchman Led Arsenal In Scoring

CodyCross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 4
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__ Sutherland, Flatliners Star
__ Electric Power, Stadium Nicknamed Big Swan
kitchen Utensil For Removing The Pits Of Cherries
jack __, White Fang Author
__ Run, Utopian, No One Above Age Of 30
neck Accessory For Male Evening Suit
infamous Letter-writing Killer In 1960s California
musical Pieces Or Decrees In Law
large White Seabird With Yellow Head
country Where Monte Carlo Is Located
lowest Rank Of Zoroastrian Priesthood
scanty, Not Enough
__ Dawg, Cartoon Canine Sheriff’s No 2
frenchman Who Led The First Crusade, Peter The __
heavyset Snl Star Died Tragically At 33
oldest University In English Speaking World

CodyCross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 5
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the Title Given To The Daughter Of A Tsar
region Of Calm Winds Near The Equator
the Blues __, Stars John Belushi And Dan Aykroyd
strong Green Liquor Nicknamed “the Green Fairy”
legendary Literary Critic, __ Frye
on A Snail They Are Retractable
not Straight Forward
pittsburgh __ Play At The Consol Energy Center
art Of Using Crayons For Fun
monty Burns’s Assistant In The Simpsons
new Zealand Movie Set Offering Tours
a Precision Shooter Is An Expert __
a Woodwind Instrument With A Reed Mouthpiece
__ Order Or A Po
pirate’s Handheld Optical Aid