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CodyCross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 1
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money Earned Through Work
charity Begins Here
__ Cord, Vital Part Of The Central Nervous System
female Collie Has Been In Film, Tv And Radio
red Head In Love With Betty And Veronica
female English Fossil Finder Mary
__ Fruit, Aka Crystallized Or Glace Fruit
country Called The “land Of Milk And Honey”
spanish Word For State
sacking Of This Financier Started The French Rev
benjamin With A Curious Case
glitzy French Riviera Resort Saint- __
pam Who Played Mindy In Mork And Mindy
dam Busters Target With The Sorbe And Eder
ricky __, Torch Bearer Of Late 90’s Latin Craze

CodyCross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 2
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__ The Post, Voting System Where Winner Takes All
tiny Breed Of Dog Named After A Big Mexican State
holder Of Grilled Bread At Breakfast Table
armored Mammal That Curls Into A Ball
part Of A Choreographer’s Routine
blobs Of Sinking Warmed Wax Form Lighting Unit
black Beauty’s Stablemates: Ginger And __
it’s All About Beauty
old Style Personal Printer
grab A Tree For Luck

CodyCross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 3
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__ Cards, Decorative Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks
aircraft Designer Known As Queen Of Hurricanes
stuffed Pasta Pillows
a Child Whining On And On
fastest Land Animal
shakespearean Play Title That Rhymes With “jello”
thou Shalt Not Bear False __ Against Thy Neighbor
__ Square, Central Piazza In Venice
bone Of The Lower Jaw
a Ruling Family In A Monarchy
priestess Of Santeria, Male Is Santero

CodyCross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 4
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the Hindu Class System Divides People Into __
attention-seeking Cry Of A Pirate
doggy Channel South Of Tierra Del Fuego
what Slot Machines Are Called In Australia
curiosity Killed It
entry-level Light Aircraft
ernst __ Stadion, Hosted 2008 Euro Games
small, Long-handled Shallow Pan For Sauteeing
kevin, Plays Francis Underwood In House Of Cards
occupation Of The Fictional Character Sweeney Todd
roller Shoes With Built-in Wheels
country Where Lech Walesa Served As President
jack __, Paleontologist Researched Dinosaurs’ Dna
to __ Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (star Trek)
written Communication
__ Reels Form Part Of A Needleworker’s Collection
magically Animated Beings Of Jewish Mythology
give Lines To A Forgetful Actor
coarse Fabric Often Used In Sacking
of Or Relating To Dogs
antonym Of Never

CodyCross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 5
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mineral Used In Making Glass
widely Known As The First Synthetic Plastic
sideshow Mel Is Krusty’s __ In The Simpsons
reba __, Us Country Singer, Actress
stade __, National Stadium In Paris
the Second-highest Ranking Of Angels
board Game Where A Player May Land On “chance”
dry Italian Cookies To Eat With Coffee
roald Dahl’s First Children’s Book: “the __”
low-cost German Airline With Green Logo
annually, Each Year
she Plays Katniss In The Hunger Games Movies
__ Chameleon Has Large Horns On Its Head
table Mountain Overlooks This South African City
brittany Region As Said By A Frenchman