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CodyCross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 1
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bad Manners To Put These On The Dining Table
king Of England From 1760 To 1820: __ Iii
line Of Equal Pressure On A Weather Map
__bahn, Famous Entertainment Street In Hamburg
futurama’s Head Of The Robot Mafia
lofty Australian Tennis Star, Pat __
__ Lake, Oregon Landmark With A Wizard Island
juno __, Roman Goddess Of Money
food Made By Churning Milk
friendly Ghost, Befriended By Christina Ricci
modern Term, Someone Who Knows Rabbinical Lit
six Letter Word For The Season Of Fall
surly Or Ill-tempered
venomous Aussie Snake Has Coastal And Inland Types
blend Of Cybernetics And Organism For A Part-robot
fighting Skills
german-austrian Dress Of Full Skirt And Low Bodice
latin Name For Copenhagen
peace Prizewinner And Founder Of Solidarity Union

CodyCross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 2
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papa’s Delicate __, Jackie Gleason Plays Papa
harsh Scratchy Garment Worn As A Show Of Penance
what Many Hands Make
she Takes You To Your Seat In The Theater
drying, Shriveling
a Feral Boar
seaside Venue For Club And Ball Game
us International News Agency Founded In 1995
called Liberty Steak In The Us During Wwii
african __, Giant Gastropod
unter Den Linden In Berlin Is A Tree-lined __
si Derived Unit Of Radioactivity, Symbol Bq
sailboat With Two Hulls
having Gone Back To A Place

CodyCross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 3
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favorite Green Leaf Of Certain Fictional Sailor
paolo __, Longtime Left Back For Ac Milan, Italy
bishop To Whom Title Has Been Officially Granted
foreign Born Singer Who Had A No. 1 Smash “sos”
to Flog A Dead Horse Is __
to Lean Back
steered Clear Of Something
venetian Water Transport
shop Checkout Person
long Decorated Stick Carried By A Sovereign
hard Clear Plastic, An Alternative To Glass
leonardo __, Italian Artist And Inventor
__ Bridge, Prague River Crossing With Statues
infectious Disease Also Known As Lockjaw
__, Mr. Chips, 1939 British Romantic Drama
mouse-like Domestic Pets That Burrow In Earth
ability Of Animals To Adapt To Avoid Predators

CodyCross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 4
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julia Louis-dreyfus Played Her On Seinfeld
__ Squad, Former Military Execution Method
c-3po Was Built By __ In Star Wars: Episode 1
miami Hurricanes Play In Coral __, Fl
whistle __, Exposes Illegal, Unethical Conduct
“au __” Means Goodbye In French
sailors Suffered From This Disease, Lack Of Vit C
a Participant In Game Played In An Alley
clue Is A __ Mystery Board Game For 3 To 6 Players
the Baltic States Are Estonia, Lithuania And __
swiss Chemist Who Invented An Updated Oil Lamp
__ Reviver, A Mix Strong Enough To Raise The Dead
storage For Pirate Plunder
where Something Begins
japanese Religion Honors Natural World Deities
shoe That Needs To Be Tied
cell Created When A Sperm Fertilizes An Egg
last Name Of The Count Of Monte Cristo

CodyCross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 5
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mental State Of Insecurity, Anxiety
__ Pudding, Sieved Jam With Flaky Pastry
national Capital Of Australia
to Pretend To Be Sick To Avoid Doing Work
device That Can Be Used Without Connecting Cord
__ Furniture: Chests, Chairs Used By The Military
us Battles To End Slavery, 1861-1865
openly Gay American Diver Of 80s Olympics
david, Who Played Mulder In The X-files
__ Board, Peg Table Of Compass Points And Holes
largest Of The United Arab Emirates
“great Voice” Pioneer Of Video Game Consoles
the Furthest Flight Routes And Destinations
save Your Place
__ Rate, The Value Of One Currency Against Another