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CodyCross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 1
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die __ Is A German Strategy Board Game From 1986
first Country To Issue A Christmas Stamp
having A Lighthearted Temperament; Merry
us Boxer Sonny, World Heavyweight Champ In 1960s
honeycombed Mushrooms
made A Mess With A Simple Dress, Miss __ Lewinski
small Canine
chosen Weapon Of Fictional Aliens
the Alternative Verdict To Innocent
danish Short Film About A Hospital Friendship
kenny __, Opened His Own Fast Food Franchise
gold __, Someone Who Marries For Money

CodyCross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 2
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leading American Entertainer Of The 20th Century
luxury Swiss Watch Brand, Used By Aviators
cordial Made From Orange Juice And Sugar
house That Once Reigned In Game Of Thrones
“ugly” Danish Toy, Found Under Bridges?
bin For Decaying Food/garden Waste
ms Hill And Messrs Jean And Michel Comprise?
large Marsupial With Pointed Nose And Large Ears
viennese Building And Jugendstil Art Movement
rust Is A Form Of This Chemical Compound
it Means “spring” In Spanish
icewind Dale Pc Game By __ Studios

CodyCross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 3
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riding Of Air Currents (not Flying Or Levitation)
actively Look For People To Hire
uphill Stretches Of The Tour De France Race
tv Oldtimer: Health And Fitness Guru Richard __
__ Bomb, Red Bull Cocktail Named After Candy
far From Close Or Near
__ At Bernie’s, 1989 Us Dark Comedy
author Of “the Day Of The Jackal”, Frederick __
burj __, Dubai Skyscraper, Tallest In The World
spiders Make Lots Of These In Autumn Gardens
__ To My Life, Simple Plan Song
the Best Things In Life __
roman Senator, Lead Among Those Who Stabbed Caesar

CodyCross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 4
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thirstquencher Of A Caribbean Party Sharing Drink
wellington’s Nickname
no News Is __
little Miss__, It Shows A Trip And A Beauty Pageant
ace Ventura’s Saved This Nfl Team’s Mascot
__ Grise, Exerts Power Without Official Position
north-east Indian State Whose Capital Is Kohima
showing Extreme Expression Of Emotion; Emphatic
britain’s Largest Train Station
process Also Known As Hydraulic Fracturing
youngster Aboard Ship
match At Which People Abuse Each Other Verbally
name Of 16 Popes, Inc The Current Pope Emeritus
elevation That Rises From The Ocean Floor
the Apparent Change In Position Of An Object
large N American Amphibian Known For Noisy Croak
sits On The Tongue And Identifies Sweet And Sour
sir Edwin, Sculptor Of Trafalgar Square Lions
french Family Of Deep-sea Explorers
robin __, Mork & Mindy Star
best Position To Put Someone Unconscious In
li’l Abner’s Hometown
the Amount Of Labor A Person Has To Do

CodyCross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 5
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underwater Pursuit Popular With Red Sea Tourists
john Maynard __, Demand-side Economist
jack Nicholson’s Character On “as Good As It Gets”
mole-like Animals Often Confused With Mice
curley’s Vehicle In Oklahoma
food Closet
thin Layer, Like Wood On A Coffee Table
copy Someone’s Ways Mockingly
french Term For Served On Ice
water Devil From Aboriginal Australian Folklore
nepalese Knife, Weapon, Tool, Ceremonies
tv Show Centered Around The Ewings
strauss Opera And Daughter Of Herod
spirit Of Tragic Drama
poles Apart From Being Neat