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CodyCross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 1
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more Explosive Than Bullets Of Same Caliber
solar __, Flashes Of Brightness On Sun’s Surface
walter __, Director Of The Motorcycle Diaries
paul Mccartney’s Fashion Designer Daughter
__ Le Pen, Was French National Front Head (female)
tv Movie For Kids, How The __ Stole Christmas
french “incredible Sulk” Footballer, Nicolas __
islam Worship Site
greek God Of The Sun, Light, Music, And Healing
prodigious Individual With Autism
caffeinated Drink Also Popular Ice Cream Flavor
common Caiman Specie Found In South America
mark Twain Created The Adventures Of Tom __
non-stop; Without Interruptions
harass With Small Persistent Acts
roman Politician Assassinated Caesar, Et Tu?
to Steer A Ship Into Shallower Waters

CodyCross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 2
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1961 Ben E. King’s Hit Song
comedy Central Animated Tv Series
__ Ross, Actress Of The Graduate
citric Dessert Spread Used As Topping
signals And Communication Using Flags
hemline Well Above The Knee
agriculturalist Who Rears Pork
romantic Tale
mms, Multimedia __ Service
spinal Bones
collectible Objects To Do With Warfare
something Totally Unexpected Or Out Of The Blue
st Paul’s Epistle To The People Of Galatia
evonne __, Leading Aussie Tennis Player In The 70s

CodyCross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 3
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to Stay Away From Others Without Having Any Contact
do It While The Sun Shines
__, Row The Boat Ashore, Slave Spiritual
__ Burgess, English Writer And Composer
singer Of The Novelty Song “the Streak”: Ray __
gives His Name To Industrial Framebreakers
__ Are Masters Of The Light Side In Star Wars
vietnamese Mooncake
person Who Moves In The Water Professionally
card Game With Variants Callabra And Papillon
__ Harvester, Large Machine That Threshes Grain
french Car Brand Whose Badge Features A Lozenge
gulf Name, Aka Arabian Gulf And Gulf Of Iran
the Night Of This Present Day
study Of Animals
corpus __, Feast On Thursday After Trinity Sunday
tv Series About The World’s Most Famous Vampire
engraver Of Beer Street And Gin Alley

CodyCross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 4
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buoyant Jacket
police Department’s Jurisdiction
hazardous Coating On Road Surfaces In Winter
gaudí’s “stone Quarry” Building In Barcelona
white Goods Brand, Famous For Washing Machines
country Noted For Its Ajiaco Stew
popular Amusement Park Chain With Banners
former French President With Dutch-sounding Name
box Containing Cerebral Board Game
dust Form Of Volcanic Rock
skimpy Female Clothes Designed To Tantalize
tomaso __, Vivaldi Contemporary, Italian Composer
weblog Publishing Site; Diary “dot” Com
robin __, Actor Of Mrs. Doubtfire
jelena __, Former Serbian No. 1 Tennis Player
money Workers Claim Back, E.g. Snacks For Meetings
chief Cook
__ Silver, Quartermaster Under Captain Flint
diplomat And Chief Weapons Inspector Over Iraq
predominant Religion Of Thailand
irregular In Frequency
egyptian Red Sea Resort Popular With Divers
russian Rocket Pioneer Responsible For Sputnik I

CodyCross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 5
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__ Acar, Turkish Artist
__ Airways, Second-largest Airline Of The Uae
roman Counterpart Of Hypnos, Greek God Of Sleep
__ Red, Ph Indicator In Labs
music-themed, 1920s Perfume Created By Lanvin
scientist Isaac, First To Observe Laws Of Motion
buddhism’s Four Noble __
took Someone’s Possessions Dishonestly
kept Afloat
picturesque Waterfall Between Brazil And Argentina
ancient Curved Sword Of Indian Subcontinent
burj __, Towering Sailing Boat Hotel In Dubai
list Of Acts
philadelphia’s Soaring Sports Team
grain-eating Beetle
director Of The 1996 Sci-fi Comedy Mars Attacks
job Of Robin Starveling, A Shakespeare Mechanical
fruit With The Outer Skin Later Removed