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CodyCross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 1
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pins On The Bottom Of Track Runners’ Shoes
first Home Computer Developed In America
by No Means Unknown
“mighty Oaks From Little __ Grow”
wrote Hound Dog With Partner Stoller
large Australian City With Coathanger Opera House
deficiency In Red Blood Cell Production
branching Tube Sponges Are Usually A __ Color
african Lake Also Called Lake Nyasa
pretzel-like Deep Fried Maida Flour
si Derived Unit Of Pressure Named After Physicist
religious Woman Who Heads A Convent
wwii U.s. Navy Leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W __
blanche __, A Streetcar Named Desire’s Lead
time To Get The __ Jumpers And Scarves Out
unrealistically High Price For Certain Assets
__ Board, Large Paper Used For Science Projects

CodyCross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 2
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requires You To Clean A Hearth And Grate After
crusty Arthropods That Cover Rocks
music Group Associated With Collieries
an Island-city State
spanish Name Of Precious Green Stone
mel Brooks’ Movie And Broadway Show
devoid Of Freedom Or Liberty
mass Of Blood In Tissue; Small Ones Are Bruises
furniture For Playing Bridge
previously Hidden Orkneys Prehistoric Village
invented The Zoopraxiscope; First Motion Pictures
istanbul In Ancient Times
on 1 December, __ Day, People Wear A Red Ribbon
artificial Waterway Links The Elbe To The Baltic
dan Aykroyd Plays The Father Of This Alien Family
vast Mass Of Comets 50-100,000 Au From The Sun

CodyCross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 3
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south __ Jaguars Are From Mobile, Al
fish That When Red Is A Misleading Clue
the Speed Of Sound
someone Who Comes From The Ivory Coast
place Where Your Vehicle Gets Cleaned Up
the __ Of King George, Royal Mental Health Film
one Who Rejects The Accepted Explanation To Facts
large Fire Built For Celebration, Entertainment
__ Patch Kids, Unattractive Soft Toys Of The 1980s
__ Flynn, Her Thriller Novels Portray Mad Women
type Of Crumpet, Pancake In Oceania
composer Of La Mer, Claude __

CodyCross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 4
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some People Need A Big Cup Of This In The Morning
in Some Places, The Kids Go Back To __ In Autumn
card Game, Deck Has No Twos To Sixes
machu __, Citadel Of The Incas In The Andes
robert __, Strongman Leader Of Zimbabwe
flying Castle In Gulliver’s Travels
evil Dwarf
rbi: Run __ In
in Music, Instruction To Repeat From The Beginning
fort __, New Mexico: Where Billy The Kid Was Shot
family Of Comedian Brothers, Damon, Keenan
force __, Barriers Against Evil
latin Football Fixture List Term Meaning Against
cause Of Laughter
european City That’s Home To St. Vitus Cathedral
protein; Helps Chemical Reactions In Living Things

CodyCross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 5
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brazillian-__ Painter, Naza, Born 1955
__ Clock, Another Name For A Grandfather Clock
working Of Bread Dough To Strengthen Gluten
to Remain Local Rather Than Holidaying Abroad
seth Macfarlane Created __ Dad
sixth Son Of Jacob, His Mother Was Bilhah
__ Bodily Harm, Crime Causing Great Pain
takes His Or Her Clothes Off To Music For A Living
bicycles Riding One Behind The Other In Cycling
making Her Societal Debut
loom-fitting And The Patterned Fabric Made On It
the Roosevelt Who Displayed A Teddy Bear
__ Bank, Water Extension Of Yucatan Peninsula
horse With Brown And White Patches
david __, Author Of Cloud Atlas
in Good Spirits, Merry
male Singing Voice Between Tenor And Bass
transatlantic Air Service Created By Freddie Laker