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CodyCross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 1
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capital Of New Caledonia
lee Who Played The Six Million Dollar Man
quiet And Decorous
toulouse-lautrec’s Favorite Venue, __ Rouge
__ Vest, Beachware According To Saucy Postcards
australian City Hosting The 2000 Summer Olympics
classic Pie Made With Tart, Not Sweet Berries
first English Poet Laureate, Benjamin __
forerunner To The U.n., __ Of Nations
__ Bells Ring, Are You Listening?
ran For The Door; Fastened

CodyCross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 2
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north Sea Wetland Area With Rich Biodiversity
“karma Police” Band
a Woman Who Stays At Home To Care For The Children
acrobatic Or Erotic Staff Boogie
prejudicial System Abolished In S. Africa By 1991
gin-based Cocktail At The Raffles Hotel: __ Sling
director Of Gallipoli And Picnic At Hanging Rock
russian Tennis No. 1 Maria __
__ Gains, Dishonestly Obtained Goods
not Permanent

CodyCross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 3
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singing Mom Of Kingston, Zuma, And Apollo: Gwen __
a Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In __
ivory Tower
brushed Cotton Fabric Used On Shirts/pjs
a Form Or Variant Of A Type Or Original
north German City And Port On The River Alster
clear, Reflective Material
eyelet Of Hard Material Covering A Hole
non-religious, Not Affiliated To A Church
boat To Overturn, Bottom Up
something Given Without Charge
randy Johnson’s Nickname, The __
in German Legend, He Pulled A Sword From A Tree

CodyCross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 4
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lindsay __, Former Us No. 1 Tennis Player
safe Room For Storing Cash
verdi Opera From A Play By Friedrich Schiller
bankrupt Men’s Retailer
scientific Study Of Ancient Inscriptions
nigerian Extremists Blamed For Mass Abductions
type Of Tree Used To Extract The Drug Quinine
space Hulk Is A Game Set In The __ Universe
__ Network, First 24 News Network
decision Requiring No Thought
paper Currency Of The Us During American Civil War
concrete Bridge, The Design For Many Road Bridges
vodka And Cranberry Makes A Marine Wind
brandon __, Known For His Mistborn Series

CodyCross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 5
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niccolò __, Violinist Composer Of Caprices
one Who Is Tall And Thin
estadio Atanasio __, Medellin, Colombia
noble Tea Blend
cotton Fabric With Soft Pile, Like Chamois
italian Poet Of Canzoniere (songbook)
japanese City Terror, Silverscreen Success
“when Life Deals You Lemons, Make __”
buzz Lightyear And Other Playthings Come To Life
epidemic Disease Spread Across A Large Region
person From The Country Whose Capital Is Gaborone
largest Of The American Frogs
jomo __, Nairobi’s International Airport
second Roman Emperor; Captain Kirk’s Middle Name
the First Of Its Kind