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CodyCross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 1
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__ Kai-shek, Led The Kmt Government On Taiwan
john P. __, Us Banker With A Company In His Name
when A Player’s Cards Are Exposed For All To See
__ Lindgren, Swedish Author Of Pippi Longstocking
__ Washington, Oscar Winner For Training Day
nickname For Canadian $1 Coin
__ Iron, Hinged Metal Device To Bake Pancake Mix
architect For The Original London Bridge: John __
prince In Mozart’s Opera, The Magic Flute
another Name For Vitamin B3
__ Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia’s Biggest
grass Family Cereal Grain
he Won It Fair And __
anagram Of Fibers
the Projecting Jaws And Nose Of An Animal
synagogue Assistant, Shamash
curriculum Vitae
feast Of The Seven __
slang For Money In South Africa

CodyCross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 2
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when It Feels Colder Because Of The Breeze
grilling (often With A Panel) Before Getting A Job
pienza Sheep Cheese
belle Of The Ball At School Party
__ O’neal, Former Us Basketball Player
where Marvin Gaye Heard It
character Who Is Decidedly Ungainly
los __, Peruvian Site Of Cloud Alien People
palazzo Del __, Residence Of The Italian President
french Chemist, Outlined The Theory Of Combustion
us Inventor, Developed A Steamboat In 1786
slobodan __, Serbian Prosecuted For War Crimes
you Can’t Make A __ Out Of A Sow’s Ear
weather System Bringing Low Temperatures

CodyCross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 3
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radical Organization Founded By Osama Bin Laden
to Break Up, Dissolve, Disperse
goody Two Shoes Singer
sergei __, Russian Astronautical Engineer
nomadic Middle Eastern People
documentary About The Dolphin Hunting In Japan
japanese City, Venue Of The 1972 Winter Olympics
long Nerve Running Down The Back Of The Leg
tiny, Imaginary Creatures
__ Camps, Single-site Family Summer Attractions
savings For Retirement

CodyCross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 4
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tim __, Left Behind Author
unique And Unrepeatable
italian Grape Brandy
to Increase The Ticket Price
this Force Is Deadly
the Capital Of Comoros
bar Rescue Host Jon __
commonly Known As Maru, Deer Horn Weapon
primary Color That Mixed With Blue Makes Green
__ Wrap, Parcel Packaging Filled With Air
grass And Earth Thrown Up After A Golf Stroke
5th Cup Of Passover Seder Wine Intended Recipient
time Spent Outdoors On A Blanket With Food
notorious French Serial Killer, Henri __
his Comet Returns To Earth Every 76 Years

CodyCross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 5
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hidden Matzoh And Last Food Eaten At A Seder
the Blues __, 1980 American Musical Crime Comedy
confederate Battleship Which Fought The Monitor
greater Or Lesser, Caribbean Archipelago
lower Leg Tendon, Also Known As The Heel Cord
don’t Put The Cart Before __
cookie Made Of Egg, Sugar And Almonds Or Coconut
american Sweet Pastry Resembling An Animal Limb
german V2 Rocket Engineer And Space Pioneer
hijacker Of Boeing 727 Who Vanished In 1971
homer’s Goody-two-shoes Neighbor
blue Club __ Are A Type Of Sea Squirt