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CodyCross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 1
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Your __ Control The Kinect Avatar On Xbox One
Designer Of Buildings And Houses
Used To Dry One’s Hair
Religious Ceremony Involving Oil
Longstanding Way Of Doing Something
Italian Pasta Sauce Made With Ground Beef
The __, Comic Couple Always At Odds
Black Pool Ball; Can Make You Lose The Game
Boundaries That Divide Water Flow
To Travel __ Is A Better Thing Than To Arrive
Roman Author Of The Twelve Caesars

CodyCross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 2
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Another Term For The Mind; Psychologists Study This
non-stick Surface; Makes Cleaning Pans Easy
Paris Deserted Her For Helen Of Troy
Indian Language Along With Hindi And Bengali
A Sausage In A Bun
Country That Was Part Of The Former Yugoslavia
Strong As An Oak
In Line After Third
Mel __, Australian Actor, Lethal Weapon
Classic Symbol Of The Feudalistic Society

CodyCross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 3
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Famous Dolphin Movie; Pinball “arm”
A Large Or Lavish Meal; Social Gathering
East African Country With Red Sea Coastline
Fortune Seers Use This Ball To Look Into The Future
Bold Opposition; Challenging
Friendly And Easy To Talk To
Smooth Singer Of “mandy” And “copacabana”
Pennsylvania’s First English Colonists
Officer Of The Court; Keeps The Order, Makes Arrests
Born In The Country Best Known For Pizza
__ Las Vegas, The Final Days Of An Alcoholic Man

CodyCross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 4
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A National Symbol For Ireland
Container Holding School Children’s Meal
April Holiday Celebrating Trees And Nature
American __, By George Lucas
This Pasta Means “little Tongues” In Italian
The Heel Was His Only Weak Spot
Ancient Military Piece That Throws Objects
British Christian Denomination
Oscar Winner, Demon Voice, __ Mccambridge
narcolepsy Is A Sleep __
Tends And Herds Ruminant Mammals
A Quick And Casual Photograph
nonrepresentational Art
Monstrous, Strangely Diabolical
nearest Star System From The Sun, Alpha __

CodyCross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 5
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Physicist; Offered The Presidency Of Israel
Buckeye Capital, Home To Zookeeper Jack Hanna
English Revolutionary Leader Of The Commonwealth
Accused Of Adultery In Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale
__ Jolie, American Actress And Oscar Winner
Aquatic Animal, 5 Arms, Regrows Body Parts
A Special Date, Birthday, Anniversary
Large Chunk Of Land That Rises Up Above The Rest
Battle At Which Gauls Defeated The Romans
Rock That When Polished Results Into Jade
A Fellow Member Of A Team