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CodyCross Seasons Group 63 Puzzle 1
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__ Maugham, The Highest-paid Author Of The 1930s
South America’s Largest City
Bacterial Toxins In The Blood
Breed Of Guard Dog Originally From Germany
Something Not Done On Purpose
Bewitched, __ And Bewildered
When Legal Proceedings Are A Sham, __ Court
Flower With Orange, Yellow Petals; Calendula
Hair Pulled Back, Gathered And Tied
“blue” Mutant Ninja Turtle Who Uses Swords
Ancient Italian Culture Prior To Romans
Center Of A Target, What The Shooter Aims For

CodyCross Seasons Group 63 Puzzle 2
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Miyagi Taught The “kid” This Martial Art
Object Used To Shred Food, Like Cheese
Far Cry __, A Video Game Set In The Stone Age
Mosquito-borne Tropical Disease Aka Breakbone
Famous Nyc Planetarium
Bono’s Real Name Is Paul David __
At Sixes And __, Muddled Up
Piece Of Land Surrounded By Water
This Dramatic Play Is For Reading, Not Acting
Barrel-shaped Herbivorous Marine Mammal
Royal Family Of The Netherlands

CodyCross Seasons Group 63 Puzzle 3
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Sailors Feared Harming This “legendary” Bird
A __ Orange, By Anthony Burgess
The Leader Of A Clan Or Tribe
Lenin’s Party; Led The Russian Revolution In 1917
Lincoln Center Music, Dance, And Drama School
Person Who Offered Joseph, Mary And Jesus The Barn
A Farmer’s Savings Account
nut Considered A Delicacy In India
Container Used To Sterilize Medical Equipment
nation And Continent, Capital Canberra

CodyCross Seasons Group 63 Puzzle 4
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__ Abbey, British Period Drama
Does Not Have Gametes
Won The Academy Awards For Best Movie In 2015
Magnetic Object Used For Finding Directions
Eliza __, Playwright Who Published Over 70 Novels
Country In W. Africa, Its Capital Is Abuja
Something Odd Or Different
The Supreme __, The Pope
Fire__, Puts Out Flames
Hot Red Pepper Named After A City In French Guiana
Red __, Logical Fallacy Meant To Mislead

CodyCross Seasons Group 63 Puzzle 5
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Pearls, Choker, Beads
A Ruptured One Can Cause A Stroke
The Official Eu Anthem
Oscar Winning Cuckoo Villain, Louise __
Place Where Military Units Eat
Minor Planet In Inner Solar System; Atari Game
Dangerous Mineral Once Used In Construction
Herb With Needle-like Leaves Used In Cooking
Spiral-shelled Ocean Animal
Unbound Booklet, Brochure
Pilot Who Would Intentionally Crash The Plane
In Addition To Normal Working Hours
An Atomizer For Spraying Paint