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CodyCross Seasons Group 64 Puzzle 1
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The Creator Of Peanuts (comic Strip, Not Food)
Writing Using Rhythm, Stanzas, Verses, Etc
Small Close-fitting Hat, Skullcap
A Pot Used For Boiling Water
Allows You To Fix Mistakes Made With Pencil
Arabic Noble Title; “strength”
Place Of Worship For Christians
Opposite Of Rough
Horse-like Animal, Character In Shrek
Sea Between The Greek And Anatolian Peninsulas

CodyCross Seasons Group 64 Puzzle 2
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Kitchen Utensil With A Broad, Flat, Flexible Blade
Dario __, Italian Director Of Horror Movies
Group Of Interconnected Computers
Place This Rapper In Your Drink On A Hot Day
Company That Flies Planes
Written Or Spoken Expression Of Regret; Sorrow
Alan __, Played The Bad Guy Hans Gruber In Die Hard
Foot Bench; Turkish Empire
Bart Simpson Loves To Say “ay __”
Wasting Muscle Mass Due To The Lack Of Use
Waterfalls Located Between Canada And The Us
State Of Inactivity, Volcanoes Stay This Way
People Who Fish

CodyCross Seasons Group 64 Puzzle 3
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Wanted His Grave Beside Beethoven’s
A Person Suffering From An Eating Disorder
Teacher, Professor, Lecturer
Miscellaneous Assortment
Period Of Intense Warmth; Can Be Deadly
Ugandan Dictator, Human Rights Abuser, Idi __
“praying” Long-legged Insect
__ Movement, A Sleeping Stage Also Known As Rem
Ground Beef Shaped Into A Sphere
Phnom Penh Is The Capital Of __
Portuguese Nobel Laureate In 1998
Itchy And __, Simpsons Cartoon
Item, Object Or Land That Belongs To Someone

CodyCross Seasons Group 64 Puzzle 4
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First Man To Walk On The Moon
Beatle’s Birthplace
Cheese From Southern Italy, Often Smoked
Website Founded By Jimmy Wales And Larry Sanger
Hotel Staff Member Over Special Services
Witticism, One-liner
__ Bucks Began Building A New Arena In 2016
Tree Of __, Found In The Garden Of Eden
A Period Of Three Months
Research And Advocacy Organization
A Symbol Depicting A Serpent Eating Its Own Tail
__ Zeta-jones, Won An Oscar For Chicago
__ Night’s Dream, A Shakespeare’s Comedy

CodyCross Seasons Group 64 Puzzle 5
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Moral Principles, Standards Of Behavior
Reptile Related To Alligators And Crocodiles
Short Sword-like Weapon Used For Stabbing
Als Stricken Baseball Hall Of Famer, Lou __
Epona Is The Roman Goddess Protector Of The __
The Call Of __, The Need To Use The Loo
Most Romantic Man Of The Musketeers
Dwarf Planet Located Beyond Neptune’s Orbit
French For A Peeping Tom
Agent Smith Chased Neo In This Trilogy