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CodyCross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 1
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Plant With Poisonous Leaves, Used In Pies
Proceedings Of A Learned Society
Eastern European Stuffed Dumpling
__ Young, Alphaville One Hit Wonder
Farmer’s __, Old Fashioned Weather Predictor
A Male Witch Or Wizard, Sorcerer
Used To Surf The Web
Tape __, Flexible Ruler For Checking Sizes
A Bad __ Always Blames His Tools
Supposed, Taken For Granted
__ Candles, John Hughes Coming Of Age 80s Hit
nickname For The Armed Forces Of The Ussr

CodyCross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 2
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Many Pirates Wear This Accessory
Largest Part Of The Brain, The Front Part
Extended Poetry; Iliad
Satyrs Are Usually Depicted Playing Them
Strong Scented Us Southwest, Mexican Tree
Official Medical Term For Baldness
Family Of Austrian Singers In A Movie
Patron Saint Of Children
Capital Of The British Virgin Islands
Makes And Sells Glasses And Lenses
Italian Adventurer, Synonymous With Lover
The One Who Occupies Abandoned Buildings, Land

CodyCross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 3
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Active Volcano In Sicily
Government In Which God Supposedly Rules
Mexican Dip Made With Avocados
Police Rank Similar To Detective
Describing Word, Found Before A Noun
Broadway Hit About The Music Of Carole King
Robin Hood’s Clergy Companion
Study Of Celestial Movements, Yet Not Scientific
Prominent Author Of The 1920s’ Lost Generation
A 1986 Film With Tom Waits And Roberto Benigni
Gorillas, Chimps & Orangutans As A Single Group
Disorder Of Sight; Brain Ignores An Eye, “lazy Eye”

CodyCross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 4
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Heard Everywhere In Warsaw
Spiky, Desert Plant
Winged Horse With Dragon Scales In Chinese Folklore
Ethel Waters Sang It In 1933: __ Weather
Mix Of Flours And Liquids To Prepare Foods
Guarantee, Make Certain, Secure
Plastic On The Ends Of Shoestrings
Founder Of The Merovingian Dynasty
Itching Skin Disease
Comic __, Humorous Moments In A Movie, Book

CodyCross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 5
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Sean Penn Married Her In 1985
Whiskered Water Mammal That “barks”
Refusing To Use A Service Or Buy A Product
Surface An Artist Uses To Mix Colors
Belief That All Natural Things Possess Souls
Distress Or Excruciating Pain
Shakespeare’s Tragedy About Racism And Jealousy
How Paris Was Called In Roman Times
Medicinal Root Sometimes Found In Energy Drinks
Line That Separates North And South Hemispheres
Activity Performed For Payment, Not A Good
Thick Skin Surrounding Fingernails
A Woman Engaged To Be Married
Casual Gathering Without Plans
A Race For Boats
Someone Who Writes About Love
Stump, Bewilder
Illegally Signing Documents For Someone Else