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CodyCross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 1
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How To Serve Bond’s Martini, Not Stirred
Long Placard With An Announcement
The Hill F1 Champion In The Sixties
Large Enclosure For Birds
A City’s Stinky Problem
Jewish State Established In 1948
Bomb Developed By The Allies In 1945
Killing Me __ With His Song
Home To The Ancient Culture Of Athens
Major Toy Firm Started By Three Brothers In Ri
Spice That Can Be Poisonous In Large Doses
Someone’s Weak Spot
Emma __, Title Character Of A Novel By Flaubert
What Bad News Does Fast
Optometrists Do This To Check Your Eyes

CodyCross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 2
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Inane Rambling, Punch-drunk
novel By Nora Ephron Based On Her Failed Marriage
Tasty White Nut Used In Desserts, Ice Cream
Gritty Item Used For Smoothing Before Painting
American Jazz Trumpeter
Cowboy Mouthpiece; After Meal Dental Cleaner
__ Language, Mixture Of Two Languages
Known For Cheap Flights, Named After A Us Region
What The End Does To The Means
The Season Of Good Cheer
Semi-historical King Of Uruk
Mispronunciation Of R As L
Protestants Who Put Faith In Martin Luther’s Ideas

CodyCross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 3
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Act Of Living In A Tent In An Outdoor Area
Daytime Cinema Showing
Immeasurable Experience, Cannot Be Rationalized
To Make A Mess, Create A Problem
__ Mcduck Has Always Been Stingy With His Money
Fabric You Can See Through
Wagon Wheel Pasta
East London Famous Accent
George Washington Named This The “nation’s River”
Jersey Rockers, Sambora Was On Guitar
Child Who Is Just Learning To Walk
Examination Of A Body After Death

CodyCross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 4
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Persian Thinker, Philosopher Of Islam Golden Age
The Capital Of Botswana
The Chamber Of __, Lobbies For Business Interests
Argument, Disagreement Essential To A Plot
Concise Observation, General Truth
Partner Who Allows You To Hit Him To Improve Form
Type Of Job Held By The Two Broke Girls
Limb That Gave Daniel Day-lewis An Oscar
Feeling Of Intense Joy And Delight
Female Steroid Hormone; Opposite To Testosterone
Song Recorded By Elvis Presley In 1956

CodyCross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 5
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Divine Inspiration
nothing __, Nothing Gained
Ancient Symbol Adopted By The Nazi Party
Teeth Substitutes
Very Close To Target, But Not Hitting It
Legume-based Popular Asian Condiment
My __, Tale Of An East London Flower Seller
Comedian Jerry __ Starred In A Hit Tv Show
Analysis, Evaluation, Especially Of Literature
Cosmetic Treatment For Feet And Toenails
Water Zodiac Sign; Age Of __
Italian Region; 2nd Largest Mediterranean Island
Ancient Gold Coin From Spain
Eating Disorder; Avoiding Food Or Eating