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CodyCross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 1
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In Dover They Are White
Image Created Using Small Pieces Of Glass
A Misty And Mystical Island
Eat One A Day If You Want The Doctor Away
Royal House That Financed The Modern Piano Creation
Company, Organization Providing Services
Indian Holy River
Unit With Parents And Children
Having Manners, Established Set Of Conduct
Billy __, Celebrity Evangelist
One Born In A Country, A __ To That Area
Metal Tube From Which Water Comes Out In A Sink
Catch __, Hybrid Word Guessing, Hot Potato Game

CodyCross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 2
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Glenn __, Reported Snowden’s Story To The World
Day Of Atonement
Container For Making And Pouring A Morning Drink
Activity That Is The End Or The Purpose
Appalachian Mountain Range
This High Walking Is Also Called Funambulism
Blind Superhero With Enhanced Senses
Repetition Of The Vowel Sound
Greeting Among Men In Most Western Cultures
Collection Of Investments
Variety Of Peach Family With Smooth Skin
Scientific Study Of Rocks

CodyCross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 3
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Bird With A Proverbial Stomach
Tv Sensation, Mother Of Eight Children
Fashionable, Made To Measure Apparel
Behavior That’s Not The Norm, Different, Strange
Outermost Bone Of The Middle Ear
Person Serving A Prison Sentence
80s Futuristic Police Enforcement Movie
The Greek Muse Of Music And Lyric Poetry
First Book Of The Bible; Phil Collins’ Band
A Person Who Collects And Delivers Mail

CodyCross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 4
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Sovereign State Run By An Elected Individual
Type Of Music Balloons Are Scared Of
Emetophobia Is The Fear Of __
Her Mother’s __ Image = Very Much Alike
The Surname Of An Italian Family Depicted In Films
Drug Of Two Crimes Aka Rohypnol
Only City Located On Two Continents
World’s Deadliest Animal
Early Followers Of Jesus Who Spread His Message
name Given To An Abnormal Curvature Of The Spine
Decoration That Is Sewn Onto A Piece Of Cloth
name Of Polaris In Its Role As Pole Star
Gland That Can Only Be Found In Male Anatomy
Moon In Jupiter Not Affected By Tidal Heating
__ Safran Foer, Author Known For Visual Writing

CodyCross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 5
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__ Obama, America’s First Black President
Show Off, Parade
Light And Airy Dessert
One Can Drink Out Of These Wind Instruments
Agricultural Tool With Spiked Teeth To Level Land
Waxy Substance Used To Style Hair
__ And Louise, Feminist Film With A Young Brad Pitt
Cartoon About Little Blue Creatures
Fatigue And Other Symptoms From Air Travel
__ Tennessee Blue Raiders Are From Murfreesboro
Scarcely, Sparsely, Almost Not Enough