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CodyCross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 1
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Round Green Vegetable; Hearts Are The Best
Raphael’s Portrait Of A Baker’s Daughter
Shiva Is Also Known As This In Hinduism
Animals That Attack Prey; Atop Of The Food Chain
Pakistani City Meaning “city Of Islam”
She Performs Classical Dance Professionally
Oily Soothing Substance
Bespectacled Mastermind Behind Microsoft
A Kind Of Cosmetic Used On The Head
Lawsuits Considered Silly, Unimportant
The Film Industry Turned It Into A Glamorous Item

CodyCross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 2
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__ And The 40 Thieves
Dagger Type Weapon On The End Of A Gun Muzzle
Tiger Woods’ Real First Name
Tiny Marine Crustacean With Six Pairs Of Limbs
Rectangular Shaped Hatchet Used In The Kitchen
This Poisonous Plant Killed Prisoners In Old Times
Something That Is An Advantage
Add Liquid To Food Residue On A Pan To Make Sauce
Grammy Awards Locale Since 2000, __ Center
It Takes More Than One To Make A Summer

CodyCross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 3
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Marine Crustacean Found On Ship Bottoms
A Person Who Teaches At A University
Act Of Giving Money To Help Others
One Who Raids And Plunders
Art Of Making Objects Out Of Clay
Permanent Hair Loss On The Head
Containing A Hidden Meaning
A Kind Of Slope
Cagney & Lacey Actress __
Type Of Celebration With Music And Lights
Prehistoric Structure Of Flat Stones
Highly Concentrated Coffee Served In Small Cups

CodyCross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 4
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Robin Hood’s Fellow Outlaw, __ John
State Of Rowdy Disorder
Most Expensive Fruit, __ King Cantaloupe
__ Horn, Instrument Primarily Used In Austria
World’s Largest Volume Freshwater Lake, In Siberia
Vehicle Fuel Type; Italian Fashion Brand
Attractive Older Woman; A Mountain Lion
Title Character Of A Controversial Book By Nabokov
“__ Of The Month”
Preached In Church
These Body Parts Make Movement Possible
Heat Of The Night Detective; Poitier Character, __ Tibbs

CodyCross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 5
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Old-time Medicinal Paste Mixing Honey And Herbs
A Synthetised Substitute For Sugar
Patient In This Board Game Is Named “cavity Sam”
Spanish Writer Of Don Quixote
Facial Hair That Extends Below The Ears
Uk’s Capital For The Romans
A __, Spell Of Hardship
Large Rodent With Spines On The Body And Tail
Himalayan Capital, Mt. Everest Starting Point
A Yes-man
__ At Tiffany’s, Movie With Audrey Hepburn
Persian Creature With Human Head, Bat Wings
Intentional __, A Penalty Against The Quarterback
According To The Song, Johnny B. Goode Is From __