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CodyCross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 1
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Called Southwest Africa Until 1986
Superman’s Version Of Mr. Hyde
Animal, Plant Having No Sex Organs
Rummy-like Game Originally From Uruguay
Coffeehouse Expert
Harold __, Sold His Academy Award At An Auction
__ And Cressida, A Shakespeare’s Tragedy
Disease That Causes Production Of Too Few Steroids
Flexible Athlete
The State Of Mind Of A Sad Person
Place Where Aircrafts Take Off And Land
Capital Of Wisconsin
There Is No Garden __ Its Weeds
Milanese Dish With Saffron

CodyCross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 2
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Historical Record Of Events, Yearly Records
Those Born In The __, Are Among The Privileged
Anagram Of Ripens
__ Swift, Singer Who Writes About Her Breakups
Jacket Ending Above The Waist, Worn Open
This Type Of Egg Is Boiled Inside Sausage Meat
__ Howser, Tv Series About Teenage Doctor
African Nation North Of Lake Victoria
The Sun’s Daily Goodbye
Comedy Of __, Shakespeare Humorous Piece

CodyCross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 3
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Freshwater Fish, Most Commonly Kept As Pet
Wsop Final Table, The __ Nine
To Do Something Over And Over To Improve Skill
Those Who Watch A Show Or Play
Writer Of Civil Rights Songs In The 1960s
Expression, Indirect Reference In Writing
Long Flat-bottomed Sled Used For Sliding On Ice
It Is Formed By Bones Such As Clavicle And Scapula
Multi-armed Demonic Being Of Hindu Mythology
Drug That Calms, Puts Patients To Sleep
never The Favorite Cartoon Dog
Asian Spice, Root Of The Ginger Family
Martin __, Comedian Starring In Bad Boys

CodyCross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 4
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Mr Roget’s Invaluable Book
This 1980’s Movie Had Kevin Bacon In A Lead Role
Foster’s Home For __ Friends, Cartoon About Monsters
World’s Tallest Waterfall Is In This Country
Makes Music Sound Louder
Brand Synonymous With Airport Luggage
Make Something Known In Order To Sell It
Greek Muse Of Tragedy
Benito __, Leader Of The Italian Social Republic
Language Also Known As Rusyn
Hope Is A Good __ But A Poor Supper
It Has Hairy Skin And Green Flesh

CodyCross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 5
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Father Of Modern Physics And Science
Serious In Intention, Purpose Or Effort
“low” Region Known For Tulips And Windmills
Otherwise Known As The Devil
Example Is Better Than __
William __ Is Best Known For Playing James T. Kirk
Leafy Vegetable, __ Sprout
Atlanta Hawks Play At __ Arena
First Pocket Book Publishing House
Ancient Greek Military Formation Of Heavy Infantry
A Place To Keep Things