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CodyCross Seasons Group 70 Puzzle 1
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Utensil Used To Give Food A Citric Kick
Indiana __ Play At Bankers Life Fieldhouse
The Greek Muse Of Comedy
Permanent Ink Inserted Into Your Skin
Protects The Leg From Ankle To Knee
Painful Feeling From Cold Beverage, Brain __
Breed Of Domestic Cat, The Sacred Cat Of Burma
Attractive, Nice To Look At
Japanese Grid, Logical Number Game
Breakfast Dish Of Raw Oats, Seeds, Fruits
Surname Of A Bald Supervillain
To Sign Up For Something, Classes
Family Guy Diabolical Toddler
Christ Coming Into The World
Repeated Parts Of A Song Aka Refrain
They Stink After Three Days

CodyCross Seasons Group 70 Puzzle 2
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First Urban Civilization In Modern Day Iraq
Carrying A Developing Baby Inside
Dauntless, Gutsy
The __ In The Room: Subject Avoided For Discussion
Literature On How To Prepare Food
Susan __, Won An Oscar For Dead Man Walking
Person Who Helps Actors When They Forget Lines
Jj Abrams’ Teenage Drama Series
__ Teeth, All I Want For Christmas
Tiny Living Thing
An Extreme Sportsperson

CodyCross Seasons Group 70 Puzzle 3
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Capital Of North Korea
Popular Pizza Topping, Dried, Spicy Meat
Britain’s Atlantis In Arthurian Legend
The __, Comedy Directed By Billy Wilder
Asian Mountain Range, Home To Mt. Everest
Long Extended Area Along Waterfront For Walking
Rich Uncle __, Monopoly Wealthy Relative
Church Instrument With Monstrous Sound
Used To Treat Snake Bites
A Supreme Ruler, Especially A Monarch
Versed, Well-acquainted
Massachusetts __ From Amherst, Ma

CodyCross Seasons Group 70 Puzzle 4
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Use This To Avoid Water Rings On Tables
Verdi’s Opera With Va, Pensiero
Bed Of A River Or Waterway, Usually Deep
Process Of Creating A Genetic Copy
“stay Gold, __”
It Is Half The Battle, According To G.i. Joe
Sudden Large Amount Of Wealth, Luck
Urges Orestes To Kill Their Mother
Hammers Used To Strike Percussion Instruments
African Country Colonized By Freed Slaves
Aromatic Delicate Herb Related To Parsley
Travellers Belongings
Blossom, __ And Buttercup: The Powerpuff Girls
__ Felix, Decorated Us Track Olympian

CodyCross Seasons Group 70 Puzzle 5
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Beach Boys Asked Help From This Woman
The Roof Of Your Mouth
Creme __, Creamy With Glazed Caramel Layer
Customizable Character Controlled By The Player
Last Six Lines Of A Sonnet
Donny Who Won Dancing With The Stars
River __, Hold Hands While They Sleep
When In Rome, Do As They Do
Solid Surface Of The Earth; Dry Land
Monetary Gain After Business Expenses
__ Biloba, Herb For Brain Dysfunction