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CodyCross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 1
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Anne __, Shakespeare’s Wife
Romance Language Spoken In East Europe
Apollo Named A Flower After Him
Passed On, Transmitted
Small Type Of Accordion, Reed Organ
Modern Conservative Movement; Boston Event
Injury To The Neck, Usually From Car Accident
This Kind Of Dance May Include Tango And Waltz
Mexican Round Flat Bread
Henri De __-lautrec Painted In Bed
To Rest Inactive During Summer
__ City, East Coast Gambling Capital
__ Mars, Tv Show About A Teenage Private-detective
Most Abundant Chemical Element In Atmosphere

CodyCross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 2
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Tropical Fruit With A Crown
Leonard __, Composer Of West Side Story
To Get Another Company To Do Part Of The Work
Comic Book Enjoyed By Barack Obama
Congenital Irregularity On The Skin
Used For Treating Inflammation
Release, Allow To Leave; Military Dismissal
90s Christmas Flick Featuring Kevin Mccallister
It Has The Largest Number Of Active Volcanoes
Omission Of Conjunctions Between Clauses

CodyCross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 3
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__ Söze, Usual Suspects Con Artist
As A Rule, Drunk At Christmas Time
To Soak Up Liquid, Sponge Or Towel
Where Rides, Concessions, And Shows Are In Circus
not A Veteran, Often Blamed For Mistakes
One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World; Waterfalls
Socrates Student, Understanding The Good
Material Made From Animal Skin To Write On
1974 One Hit Wonder, About A Martial Art
__ Talkie, Two Way Radio, 80s Toy Essential
Position Of The Anchor Just Above The Sea Floor
German Who Initiated The Romantic Literature
Osha, Occupational __ And Health Administration

CodyCross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 4
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English Writer Known For His Arthurian Novels
These E-currency Transactions Cannot Be Reversed
To Put An End To
It Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Rock Formed From Various Grained Plutonic Rocks
Branch Of Science That Studies Bodies
__ Arch, Marks Start Of Midwest In St. Louis
Can’t Think Of The Answer, No Solution
Series Of Action Movies Starred By Bruce Willis
Acting Unmannered, Crude, Rude
Glass Used For Drinking Small Amount Of Alcohol

CodyCross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 5
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Giant Beast Described In Job 40:15
Band Of __, Hbo Miniseries About World War Ii
Tom Brady Led Football Freedom Team
French Lullaby
Japanese Video Slot Machine
Dynasty That Gave Origin To The Holy Roman Empire
A Period During A Massive Power Failure
Extinct Flightless Feathered Creature From Africa
Marijuana Helps Some With This Seizure Disorder
City Where The Escapologist Harry Houdini Was Born
Disney’s Animation With Classical Music
Boring, Tedious