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CodyCross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 1
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To Fight By Grappling And Holding An Opponent
In The __ Of An Eye = Very Quickly
Kenny G’s Instrument
A Disaster-prone Pedestrian
Highest Rank Of Teachers In A College
The Bride In The Songs Of Solomon
Large Group Of Horses, Etc In A Procession
Used For Boiling Water
Commercial Building Used To Store Goods
Mishmashed Recipe Served In Deep Dish Vessel

CodyCross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 2
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She Herds Cattle, Rides Horses
Boat Sport Using The Wind To Traverse
not A Brand Name Item
Eldest Son Of Louis The Pious
An Ugly One Is Usually Worn During The Holidays
Audio-related Membrane; Not An Instrument
John __, A Remarkable Legal Thriller Writer
Straight Outta __, Gangsta Rap Album By N.w.a
Aquarium Cleaning Fish Aka Suckerfish
Painted View Of Toledo
Big __, Surveillance-inspired Reality Show
One Of The Many Deities Of Hinduism

CodyCross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 3
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Something That Can Be Utilized More Than Once
Horse With A White Mane And Tail
Brief Evocative Account, Shorter Than A Novel
Strong Green Spirit Banned In Most Countries
__ Leia, Luke’s Sister In Star Wars
Called Gorky From 1932 To 1990
A Tie In A Contest
Hip-twisting Toy Invented In 1958
Tale Or Legend, Passed On Through Speech
Former Governor Of Texas, Ann __

CodyCross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 4
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Band Worn Around The Leg To Keep Stockings Up
Entreat, Beseech
Means To Gain Something, Also A Street
Amount Of Storage In A Computer
Someone Who Has Low Red Blood Cell Count
Workplace Of Artists, Actors, Musicians
It Is Not __ Science = It Is Not So Difficult
In Africa, Respectful Form Of Address To Men
__ Globes, Given By Hollywood Foreign Press
Pacific State, Destination For Kid Computer Game
Root Of A Plant Used As A Spice Or For Tea
Happens Quickly, Unexpectedly
Grouped Set Of Lines In A Poem
French Philosopher Who Refused A Nobel Prize

CodyCross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 5
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naïve Smith Appointed Senator In Capra’s Film
Science That Shows How Healthy A Food Is For You
Type Of Sausage Popular In Louisiana
Oldest Reigning Monarch In 2016, __ Ii Of The Uk
He Created Cthulhu
Hip Hop Necessity, Dj Work Station
School Tool To Bring Pencil To Fine Point
Second Most Popular Language In China
Land Almost Surrounded Completely By Water