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CodyCross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 1
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Steep Downward Plunge
Ohio State Leafy Mascot
Cat That Is Always Disappearing In Wonderland
Japanese Cooking Technique Using Soy Sauce Glaze
Queer Eye For The __ Guy: A Makeover Tv Show
Jamaica’s Governor During The Golden Age Of Piracy
Person Who Performs Sleight Of Hand Tricks
Placing Decorative Paper On Presents
Substance That Boosts A Chemical Reaction
One Of Tchaikovsky’s Most Popular Ballets

CodyCross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 2
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naturalist Known For The Evolutionary Theory
Title Character Of Oscar Wilde’s Masterpiece
Olive __, Peace Offering
Won The Academy Awards For Best Movie In 1971
Climb, Go Upward, Move Toward The Top
Planned Direction Or Route To Travel
Congresswoman Nancy __
French Kickboxing That Allows Shoes
A Bird Of Prey Found In Almost All Continents
Boys Town Hero Played By Spencer Tracy, Father __
Top Award Given By The Music Industry

CodyCross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 3
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Remaining Food After A Meal; To Be Consumed Later
Term For Postponing An Activity: Taking A __
Rubbery And Flexible Tissue Between Bones
Can’t Deny A Kiss If Caught Under This
Fiction Work That Doesn’t Follow The Normal Rules
Formal Name For Doctor
Formerly, A Venetian Nobleman
Capital Of Cambodia
A Winter Olympic Sport
Simon And __, Duo Of Folk Singers
Painted The Feast Of Herod
Practice Of Negotiating Between Governments
Type Of Promotion, Attracts Attention To People

CodyCross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 4
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Kids Guessing Game; May Result In Execution
John Constable’s Birthplace
One Who Renounces One’s Beliefs Under Oath
Football Unit Who Moves The Ball Down The Field
Great __ Reef, Australia’s Ecosystem Under Threat
Isabel __, Chilean-american Famous For Magic Realism
Center Of Scottish Culture
A Person Trained To Assist Women In Childbirth
Area For Keeping Prisoners, Usually For Torture
Medical Pump Used To Inject Medicines, Vaccines

CodyCross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 5
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Basso __, The Deepest Of Voices
Working Out And Physical Activity As A Hobby
The Conservation Of Woodlands
This Type Of Bleeding Should Cause Alarm
World’s Largest Pizza Franchise, Not Found In Italy
Occupation Of Comic Strip Character Dilbert
Grey __: Its Influence Is Underhand
Self-righteous, Smug
A Comrade, In Russian
Medieval Knightly Code; A Gentleman
Text Translation For Foreign Movies
Author Whose Girlfriend Left Him For Chaplin