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CodyCross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 1
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__ Crab, Marine Creature With Hard Shell
Defibrillation For Car Battery
Maryland __ Play Football At Maryland Stadium
Popular Nintendo Driving Game With Steering Wheel
Balboa’s Communist Rival In Rocky Iv
Literary Style Inspired By A Spanish Poet
Highest Mountain In The Alps
Hometown For Harvard And The Mit
A Hit By The Beatles
Everlasting Condition, Without Change
A Region In Space With A Strong Gravity Force

CodyCross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 2
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Sea Separating Italy From The Balkans
A Common Brooch Design
One Of The Days Of The Week
Type Of Catapult Used In The Medieval Period
Taster, Treats And At Rest Are __ Of Each Other
Creator Of The Labyrinth In Greek Mythology
Green Vegetable Eaten As Salad Or Pickled
Chary, Diffident
Rainbow Of Colors In Visible Light
Mr. Burn’s Loyal Assistant
Incorrigible Rogue In Shakespeare’s Henry Iv
They Appear When One Is Clenching A Fist
Free Reed Windpipe Instrument That Has A Keyboard
Excessive Thirst When Water In Body Isn’t Normal

CodyCross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 3
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He Painted Spirit Of The Dead Watching
Beware Of Greeks __ Gifts
Someone Who Brings Something New Into Existence
Small Dents On The Cheeks When Someone Smiles
Opiate That Treats Mild To Moderate Pain And Cough
needlework Done With A Hook And Yarn
A Flight That Does Not Arrive On Time
Small House; Lumpy White Cheese
Medieval Term For Desert Dweller
Christian Birth Sacrament Involving Water
__ Garden, Collection Of Plants
Cross __, Long Distance Skiing
Wrinkles, Spots Of Bother

CodyCross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 4
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Sum Of All Parts, Quantity, Measure
Outer, Thin Bone In Your Lower Leg
__ Hatch, Emergency Exit On A Plane Or Ship
Body Of Water; Small River; Brook
State Of A Bone When It Is Put In A Cast
Peter __, Brother Of Flopsy, Mopsy And Cotton-tail
Rick __, Bogart’s Role In Casablanca
__ Huge, Comic Dog Doesn’t Understand His Size
Minneapolis Was Hometown Of This “royal” Musician
An Electric Generator, Mainly For Direct Current
He Carries The Golfer’s Clubs

CodyCross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 5
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Liver Disease; Types Can Range From A To E
A Storage Area For Supplies And Goods
Italian Baroque Painter, Tommaso __
Someone You Know From Work, Coworker
The Capital Of Minnesota
Four-line Stanza In Poetry
Marvin Gaye Sang About This Source For Gossip
Float Like A __, Sting Like A Bee
A Neo-noir Mystery Film Directed By Roman Polanski
Sort Of Arabian One-humped Camel
Share A Secret With This Trusting Person