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CodyCross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 1
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Place In S. Africa Famous For A Siege In 1899/1900
neil Diamond’s Sweet Muse
Big-mouthed, Face-painted Batman Villain
System Involves Movement, Posture, Circulation
A Type Of Cabbage That Has A Large, Round Stem
What Pb Stands For In Computing
A Guest That Is Never Welcome
Clapping Spanish Dance Performed By Couples
Anagram Of Rain Hard
Underhand Interference; To Deliberately Destroy
Train __, Amateur Interest In Railroads
Taking Wastes Out Of Blood With A Machine
Jimmy Carter’s Wife

CodyCross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 2
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Roses Are Susceptible To That
She Keep On Burnin’ In Turner And Creedence’s Tune
The Devils Are This Location’s Hockey Team
Latin Term That Means The Current State Of Things
Won Oscar At Just 16 Playing Helen Keller
Soft, Normandy Cheese
Ann __, Author Of The Mysteries Of Udolpho
Large Hairy Spider Found In Tropical America
Congenital Means A __ Present At Birth
A Period Of Adjustment
Don’t Shoot The __, It Is Not His Fault
Liz Taylor Plays An Egyptian Queen In This Movie

CodyCross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 3
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Unclear Perception, Hard To Express
Phoenician-founded Libyan Capital
A Change Of Looks Obtained With Scissors
Stuffed Pasta Usually Shaped Like A Square
Comedy Of __, Satirizes Upper Class
There Were Ten Before Hebrews Fled Egypt
Coiled Tuba Used In Military Bands
Della Reese Tv Series, __ By An Angel
__ Ames, A Cia Agent Who Became A Kgb Mole
Meetings That Aim To Communicate With Spirits
not Straight, Having Several Bends
This Profession Requires A Steady Hand
A Business’s Income

CodyCross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 4
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Sport Based On A Graceful Fall Into A Pool
The __ Connection, Won The Academy Awards In 1972
Poet Who Guided Dante Through Hell
The Capital Of Alaska
17th Century Cloth With Lace Worn On The Neck
Gray Fish That Sucks Debris
Blood Filtering Organ
Rich Lobster Soup
Month To Which Octavius Added One Day
nine-tailed Fox Of The Korean Folklore
__ Cash, Famously Entertained Inmates
Distribute, Arrange In Groups
Wild Cats With Tufted Ears

CodyCross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 5
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When A Company Reduces Number Of Employees
Board Game In Which You Can Go To Prison
Goldilocks Ate This At The Bear’s House
Compare To Show How Different They Are
Sarah __ Gellar, Actress Of Cruel Intentions
Small Group Of Stars
The Capital Of Sudan
His Life Is Taking Risks For Others
Pub __, Visiting Several Bars In One Night
Inflammation Of Joint Sacs
A Biting Dog, A Pecking Duck , A __ Bee
Greek God Of Dreams
System Used For The Plantation In Middle Ages
__ Development, Sitcom About A Dysfunctional Family