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CodyCross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 1
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Brainerd Female Police Chief In Fargo, Marge __
A Shallow, Long-handled Pan Aka Skillet
The Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel __
Sweet Briar
In Us, This Is A Local Law
Adult Cartoon About The Griffin Family
Spiritual Belief, Posthumous Existence
Seize The Day
Also Known As Brazilian Jazz
Along With Tigris Hosted Mesopotamia
Period Of Peace During A War

CodyCross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 2
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The Devil Is This Person’s Divine Being
Two Lines With Rhyming Ends; Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Famous Racing Family Started With Mario
__ Destiny, Justified American Land Expansion
Instrument Whose Name Is Derived From A Greek Muse
Etymologically, A Frightful Lizard
Mike Tyson’s Boxing Nintendo Game
Type Of Addictive Drug, Not Regulated
Robin Hood’s Outlaws Live In This Forest
no __, Sentence Usually Said To The Press
In Good Spirits, Merry
All __. November 2nd

CodyCross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 3
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Low Quality Counterfeit
This George B. Shaw’s Play Inspired My Fair Lady
The Capital Of Myanmar
Closest Living Blood Relative
What No Money Can Buy
Construction Equipment That Can Push Loads
__ Empire, Hbo Prohibition Period Drama
England’s Tennis Grand Slam Tournament
Art Style Very Popular During The High Renaissance
German Philosopher; Critic, Poet

CodyCross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 4
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Added To Table Salt To Ward Off Disabilities
Whistle __, Exposes Illegal, Unethical Conduct
Tropical Black Bird With Large Beak
Won An Oscar For Goodbye, Mr. Chips, __ Donat
Song Or Poem With Short Stanzas
no Advertising To Kids In This Scandinavian Land
Fish That Gave Birth To The Stars In Māori Folklore
Person With Strong Religious Commitment
Plays Crafty Politician Frank Underwood
Three Consecutive Strikes In Bowling
Unavoidable Danger, Risk, Peril
Beatles 60s “long” Hair Style
Rio Grande City, Lone Star Bordertown
Spring That Sends Up Jets Of Water Into The Air

CodyCross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 5
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Another Word For Plexiglas
These Hold The Wheels On Your Car
Duke Of __, Gave Up Throne For His Love
Historic Nyc Hotel And A City Landmark
Laid Her Eggs On The Waves
Bogart’s Role In The Big Sleep, Philip __
nutrient Found In Some Foods And Medicines
__ Logs, Grooved Wooden Toys To Construct
Gentle, Steady Rain In A Mist
Vladimir __, Writer Of Lolita
nails, Hair That Doesn’t Puncture The Skin